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By arhcamt
Volume 4 is here! :D Besides the monthly DDs posted, this time we got a feature of entries for The 8 Face of Text Art contest and also the contest result. Without further ado, on to the news! :#1:

August 08 Text Art DDs

:thumb57187030: Playing with words by Assassinatorsalbum
I Speak Alone by Gordorca Utada Hikaru Typo Portrait by Ashed-Dreams
Death by Typography by GCORE STTEMNT by MethMan
Where are your ideas? by daemonumbrae :thumb53951510: I hate you - no. 1 by elevenstars
this one's for you by blank3dee say hello to comic sans by montendo
Beauty by mrgraphicsguy Love me by daskull :thumb85717514:
The suicide note. by eacreations :thumb31434796: :thumb59265848:
Spam by debruehe :thumb94797726:
Typography Eleven - Reflection by princepoo Typography-A by lemondesign
B_skull by kniso Asia 100 by grafikdzine

8 Face of Text Art Contest

The Challenge

8 Face of Text Art Challenge by arhcamt

Final Tally

#1 li29 - 160 points
#2 DomNX - 160 points
#3 Twilights-Maiden - 110 points
#4 alfone - 110 points
#5 anjanimiranti - 106 points
#6 frozenpandaman - 103 points
#7 bekkia - 88 points
#8 DrZapp - 80 points
#9 RavynneNevyrmore - 73 points


First Place - 1 year subscription - li29
Second Place - 6 months subscription - DomNX
Third Place - 3 months subscription - Twilights-Maiden


:devspl8ts: by alfone Happy 8th DA Birthday by anjanimiranti
dA 8 by DrZapp Unfinished 8 by li29 ate by DomNX
fella enjoys some cake by Twilights-Maiden :thumb94104187:

Congrats to all winners! It was fun and I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and also everyone who helped. :aww: See you in the next volume! :wave:

previous volume: news.deviantart.com/article/54…
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Fantastic entries! Congrats to all! :hug:
DomNX's avatar
Yay! Second place!
I have myself to blame though. I had the answers a full TWO weeks before I submitted my art, but I just kinda sat on it doing nothing. Goes to show what procrastination does... :) But 6 months of free service is fine too ;)
frozenpandaman's avatar
Awesome, congrats to all the winners! :clap:

Why don't both the deviants with 160 points get the #1 prize? Why does one get #1, and one get #2?
li29's avatar
I also think he should give both of us (*domnx and I) #1 prizes. However, he said he would go for the one who submitted first in case of a tie. (in this journal: [link])

(It must be pretty hard for ~alfone, I believe. He had the exact same points as *Twilights-Maiden, yet he got nothing. :( *domnx is still somewhat more... lucky)

^ArhcamtIlnaad is cruel... :paranoid: (Hey, don't be mad at me! :cuddle:)
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This has inspired me to make some text art =)
arhcamt's avatar
glad to hear that! :)
Vayde's avatar
Here's the result! [link] I don't know if it's proper text art though, I just kinda went with the flow =P
Sander-Seto's avatar
Lovely DD's :D
And congrats to the winners! :clap:
princepal's avatar
nice collection
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