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By arhcamt
First edition of Text Art monthly article! Hope you'll enjoy this. :D

March 08 Text Art DDs

Typography Seven - Life by princepoo More than Words by jonsibal Asciimation by fauxquixote contrast by GunkvM The City by lovelyart2104 Typographic Beer Directions by Smooth-as-Sandpaper Typo_1 by Fbrigham treefrog typography by fuzzyzebra Petra by hikarus Mo'alla 01 by malikanas :thumb78083385: white.hand_type by DryBones90 Utopia by Yanheng 'M' Typographied v.2 by djmagic0 Acquisition by debruehe 'asef .. I'm sorry by Abdullrhman-Hassona lovely garamond by spicone Just Believers by mrgraphicsguy Heartbreaker by 0bsessi0n

March Theme: "Username" Text Art

drooling cybergranny by cybergranny Username by Rushy :thumb79856442:
TextFusion by textfusion

Text Art Wordplay Contest!

Yep, you read it right! Remember the March Theme? Well I decided to take it to the next level therefore from now on there will be a contest for each theme. Isn't that wonderful? On with the details now!


:bulletblue: Open to everyone to enter as long as you're a member of dA (if you're not you could always sign up, hehe).
:bulletblue: Text Art (ASCII, ANSI, Misc. Text, and Typography) submission only.
:bulletblue: Entry should be something new created specifically for this contest.
:bulletblue: One entry per participant. You could change your submission later if you feel you're not satisfied with your entry but only if it's still in time.
:bulletblue: With what's been happening, it will only be right if this month's theme is "Fool". :D It is open to interpretation so use your creativity and imagination to its fullest.
:bulletred: Use your own words/thoughts. No song lyrics and such.
:bulletred: Starting date is April 1, 2008 and deadline is April 25, 2008.
:bulletred: Once you're finished, note me with the subject "Wordplay - April" along with the link to your entry.
:bulletred: Don't forget to link back to this article or to the contest journal.
:bulletred: Any updates will be done in the journal so if you have any  question(s) feel free to comment there.


Only me, arhcamt, so far but I'll get other to help when felt necessary.


:bulletgreen: 1st - 6 months subscription + DD + news feature
:bulletgreen: 2nd - 3 months subscription + news feature
:bulletgreen: 3rd - 1 month subscription + news feature

I'll be waiting. Have fun!
© 2008 - 2021 arhcamt
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These are so rad.
natalia-factory's avatar
cool color print : )
Jools-Hy's avatar
I'm in. Already working on it :D
lonnietaylor's avatar
That's a pretty fun theme for a contest :)
ahmadhafiz's avatar
I'm in. Been some time since I submitted anything.
cybergranny's avatar
LanWu's avatar
text arts always make me speechless @___@
I really don't get it how can they make such a beautiful design with typography?
masters, please teach me...
Foto-Bellezza's avatar
im so gonna try this o3o
><; unless work gets in my way

EmersonStem's avatar
Stefanissimo's avatar
I´m in too, although I have no plan how to make text art. But 3 weeks are enough time to learn :D
MrBadger's avatar
Coolness. :-) I'm in...unless school works gets in the way :P
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