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By arhcamt
It seems that there's some kind of confusion about the subcategory of Text Art Gallery especially ASCII and ANSI, which can be seen from how many miscats found in both galleries. With that being said, I'll try to offer my help in shedding some light regarding our previously mentioned friends. :D

So, what is ASCII art?

Basically, you can call your work an ASCII art when you use printable ASCII characters to form a visible picture. What is "printable ASCII characters" you say?

Printable ASCII Characters by arhcamt

Those are the printable ASCII characters. :P
Some nice examples of works that belong in the ASCII art are:

Asciimation by fauxquixote Random_sunlight.png by BriteEyes :thumb18257255:

What about ANSI art?

It is similar to ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of letters, numbers, and symbols. ANSI art is considerably more flexible than ASCII art, because the particular character set it uses contains symbols intended for drawing, such as a wide variety of box-drawing characters and block characters that dither the foreground and background color. Some nice examples of works that belong in the ANSI art are:

deviantART ANSI Logo by roy-sac Cosmic Scars 1996 by Nootropic Brainchild by Nootropic

Hopefully this could help in preventing miscats to happen and also reporting miscats found in both galleries. ;) Thanks for reading!
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Helpful article, thanks.
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I think this still leaves some confusion. ASCII characters are DOS font such as fixedsys or Lucida Console (monotype). Non-monotype fonts don't work.
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ah yes, i forgot to mention the monotype part. thanks for reminding!
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:clap: bravo.... :clap: bravooo.. :clap:
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glad i got that all cleared up
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Great Article! :clap:
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