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Chrysalis Pipe

Her black heart matched only by the black lung she causes!
May her tobacco reign last from now until the end of time!

Yeah, finally finished my Queen Chrysalis pipe. Not as ambitious as the RD pipe, but I do like the feel of the rustication.

Also of note, I'm planning on submitting this to the twilightlicous Kiki fund for auction. Haven't gotten the all clear from Tara yet, but that's the plan anyways.

Update: it will be auctioned for Kiki's cancer fund, and I am told that Tara will sign it :)
Also, in case anyone was wondering, the pin was made by SteveHoltisCool
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Dayum, son... This is AWESOME! :D I don't smoke, but if I owned this, I MIGHT have to reconsider ;)
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Why is it I'm always late to try and buy awesome things like this? I want this pipe so much!!!
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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seriously thinking of biding on this, where do I need to go to obtain this :3
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Cool! From my understanding, the plan is to sell it during the charity auction at Equestria LA. However, I cannot say for certain, since at this point it is out of my hands (literally, as I mailed it off to the person in charge of Kiki's fund a few days ago)
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Kind of ironic that this is going up for auction to help out a cancer charity.
I wonder it would be ruined by bubble solution...
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punk you smoke Wilshire in that pipe! lol
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Wilshire? Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? Back in my day it was Wacky Weed, Marriage You Wanna?, Mrs. Nixon, slope, Ludwig Van, the Green Hornet, The Reefer Madness of King George, Cannabis indica!
Oliver--Fey's avatar naw dude. Wilshire is a brand of pipe tobacco. Its personally my favorite. I know smoking's not for everyone but when it comes to pipes they need to be used. Yeah I don't smoke weed. I'm not into hallucinogens:(
ABronyAccount's avatar
So you're not suggesting this for The Phantom Plant, Subway Tokin', Instant Munchies, Dreampuffs, King Bong, Rio Grande Ritalin, Integral Cannabis, Luna's Lullaby, Hemporary Insanity, Weed-B-Blows Badge, The Funky Chicken, Shaggy Snacks, Katherin Hempburn, Clinton's Inhaler, Roach Eggs, The Right Huff, Smoker Ace, MD5 Hashish, Green & Mild, Tokem Peace Pipe, Higher Ground, Bud Light, Son of Ganj-zilla, Betty Crocker's Little Secret, Joint Inflammation, Dope?
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Hehe, the irony had not escaped me ;) But, well, you know... gotta work with what you got :)
I have, however, been thinking about making a bubble pipe like the one Pinky used in MMM.
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I say go for it. There's a definite lack of classy bubble pipes. All the models currently on the market feature garish colors and big bubble-rings sticking out. You'd lock up the market for up-scale bubble-smoking accoutrements.
Wow, these pipes are amazing. I'm not old enough to smoke, and don't plan on ever smoking, but I've always liked pipes. If I may ask, how should I go about learning to make pipes like this of my own design? If you could point me towards any good tutorials that you know of, or perhaps make one yourself if you'd like, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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As a physician, I would never encourage smoking; but hey, we all gotta die of something, right?

In fact, I learned from watching Mr Flieger's videos here: [link]

I also went ahead and partially chronicled my making of this pipe on my tumblr page: [link]
Though be warned, I was rather drunk when I wrote it ;)
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...If you put this up for auction Im going to try to get it for my dad as a gag gift, he likes pipes but not ponies.
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You made it onto EQD :D Awesome work Arg! I WANT.
Very nice craftsmanship. Well done.
Pink--Champagne's avatar
Needs to be features in, "The Hobbit."
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Very, very nice. What kind of wood?
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Briar root always, my friend!
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Great to hear! It looks like a fine smokeable, great work.
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