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I so want to be a sissy girl slave for someone
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THIS IS GREAT!  Do you do commissions?
i've been thinking for a while at first i thought i would hate this but i want this sooooooo bad now
Oh, yes.  Outside, down the street and around the mall.  And maybe later to that bar on the wrong side of town.
Varnocdbz's avatar
I love this dress,
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its not like he will be seeing Any of the people he sees today again
Well, yes, honey, you can go outside like that, but your date will accompany you so that the neighborhood men don't all follow you home!
boxingcleverksg123's avatar
i would never be embarrassed by this outfit it is so sweet and cute.
within90's avatar
Really maybe you dont but  i like her outfit and i would embarrassed by this outfit because i love so much this dress <3 I can go  outside if i wearing this dress ;)
boxingcleverksg123's avatar
i'll wear it and feel great, that's me to a tee! :kiss:
gordanfreeman25's avatar
id love this but i couldn't go out like this >//////////////////////<!
within90's avatar
i could i love being humiliating. if you like it you must go outside with this dress
gordanfreeman25's avatar
then for the dress ./////. <3
within90's avatar
Of course. <3 I'm Feminizedboy i like dressing like girl <3 i like looking cute & and lovely ;) So i don't feel so bad in this dress. (PS: i like licking penis like a lolipop ;) You likes my licking style. )
gordanfreeman25's avatar
i just like dressing cute,dressing like a girl being girly <3
within90's avatar
So ? Too many girls when wearing men clothes. All mens call to her "sexy" But if the men wear girls clothes. Is that wrong :( ? I like wear girls clothes and ı don't care ;)
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Very good. Forced fem outings are the best.
Ha ha, I wonder if the neighbors are even fazed by this kind of thing anymore. 
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I fell upon you because I was looking at drawings from Lorddragonmaster. I enjoy his art very much. I even purchased the first two volumes of his based off his current work presented on DA. I need to get the third one soon....but back to you. I just went through your DA work and enjoyed it thoroughly. This pic here is the one that caught my attention. I'm mostly interested in all things having to do with transformations, mostly male to female, but LDM got me curious about feminized boys, so I ended up enjoying that a bit too.

*faves and watches from now on*
An-Old-Otaku's avatar

"Absolutely!  Don't you want everybody to see your pretty outfit?"  :thumbsup:

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