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Pony of Hyrule

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I'll have to have this outfit at some point...

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In my head, Link is always in a chastity belt. But the question is, who has the key?
Sidon? (Zoran Prince)
Mipha? (Zoran champion)
Urbosa? (Gerudo champion)
Riju? (Gerudo chief girl)
Buliara? (Gerudo chief's bodyguard)
Purah? (Scientist who reversed her age)
Bozai? (Guy who falls in love with crossdressing Link)
What's your fav?
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That chastity thing with balls exposed is REAL good!!
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This is the best one so far! But the nose strap sux :v
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Sooooo love this. ^^
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Everything is perfect only the gag sucks... the strap over the nose ruins it.
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Damn that is hot stuff!
The chastity belt is an amazing detail. Great work!
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Cute, cute, cutecutecutecuteCUTE! SQUEEEEE! :squee:
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Nice details on the outfit.
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Ho please, throw away the key. <3
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Does this mean hes BECOME Epona (no wonder he's so welling to take other horses)
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Pony? Does that mean if someone asks nicely, they'll get to ride? :v
Nau9hty's avatar
Bet the saddle he rides on has an inbuilt dildo. Gotta keep him securely on the horse as it rides full gallup across rough terrain, right? Especially when his arms are tied like that. Actually, better strap his legs down too so he can just barely not pull out, but still has enough slack to bounce up and down. Need to keep him safe on his journey from the Akkala Highlands to Gerudo Town.
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this ist hot ^/////////^
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Absolutely lovley
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