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As you may or may not know an unofficial version of Apophysis was released for Intel Mac's a while back. I personally could not get it to work and based on other peoples comments they couldn't get it to work either.
I have however found a solution. This all totally free and shouldn't take longer than about 10 minutes to do.

You need an intel Mac with X11 to do this.

Follow these instructions:

    • 1. Go to winebottler.kronenberg.org/ and download WineBottler.
      Once downloaded drag the two apps to your applications folder as you always do. Open the applications and make sure everything seems to be fine.

    • 2. Go to the Apophysis Sourceforge page at sourceforge.net/projects/apoph… and make sure you download the Apophysis .exe and not the .7z file. Once it's downloaded place the .exe in a convenient place (in a folder for example)

    • 3. In Winebottler, select "Create Custom Prefixes" from the sidebar and select the location of the install file, which in this case will be your Apophysis .exe that you just placed in a folder. After you have done this click the "copy only" check box and click install.

    • 4. When the "install is complete". Go to the location of your Apophysis .exe. In there you should now see "My Wine App" or something that you named it to during the installation with the Apophysis icon.
      Open it. The original Windows version of Apophysis should now be running on your Mac.

If this hasn't happened it means you've done something wrong. Go back over the steps and try again or leave a comment here or on my profile and I'll try to talk you through it. I'm not sure if plugins will work yet however feel free to try. I've tried some scripts and some parameters and that's fine. Had a quick go at rendering something and all seemed ok.

Let me know how it goes guys!
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Not sure where I am going wrong...
When I open Wine Bottler and click on ADVANCED I get the prefix menu.
The first box only has one option, "new prefix"
Then it asks for the directory of the file, I select Apophysis7x.exe

Then I have three options:
1) This is an installer, execute it
2) This is the actual program, copy to the App Bundle.
3) This is the actual program, copy it and all files that are in the same folder.

I have tried option 2 and 3. In both cases the "Creating Apophysis.app" progress window pops up and then the message that the app bundle was successfully created.

When I open the Apophysis folder I see there is a new App (but with just the generic application icon, not an Apophysis icon). When I attempt to run the app nothing happens at all.

Just on a hunch I tried again selecting option 1, "This is an installer, execute it", even though it's not an installer. The creating app progress box pops up and, as i suspected, about half way through the process it launches Apophysis, and I am able to use the program and edit, save and render flames, while the Wine Bottler progress windows just sits there sort of on hold. When I exit Apophysis, the Wine Bottler continues and says the process was successful. But again, when i try to launch the newly bottled app, it does nothing.

So the Apophysis will run on my iMac, but I can't seem to get the bottled version to work. Any suggestions?