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Before you start in:

1)  Yes, I'm aware the improvements over previous generations are more obvious, the older a figure you compare it to; i.e. Victoria 4 and Victoria 7, just lift their arms and you'll see it (even some poser-ites stuck with generation 4 have admitted some interest).  

2) I'm not here to talk about what's so obvious or better.   RE: DS4 vs Poser.  It's understandable with the blunder of Poser 11 Pro (just another sign in a long line of neglect by Smith Micro) that Daz is in no way responsible to ensure compatibility with Poser products.  I get that, really I do. 

Where I'm coming from is that I got my start about mid-way through Genesis 2/Victoria 6 and had invested a fair bit into that generation as well as some into Generation 4 figures.  Then I saw Genesis 3/Victoria 7 debut.  Now as a starter we all get the generic genesis 3 free of charge.  However, I was comparing it to genesis 2/generation 6 and to be honest it isn't a huge improvement.  Sure there's a lot of nice-to-have about it, plus the Iray PBR engine was made for it.  But to me I guess it's like what generation 5/genesis was for generation 4 users at the time of its debut.  Also there's a few things other users have questioned about genesis 3 that they wonder "Couldn't that just have been applied to genesis 2?" so likewise I echo that sentiment in agreement.  I was particularly blindsided when they tried to sneak and force me to update to DS4.9 from 4.8, and strongly encouraged me to go connect.  Uhh no, I like customization with the actual location of the files.  I like having control over my own content with manual install and I don't need a Steam wannabee AI to assist me with catalog or categorization.  My other thing I'm getting at is I'd like to stay with generation 6 for the foreseeable future.  In a way it's good that now generation 6 isn't getting any more stuff except clothing at 'Rosity.

Does anyone else share a similar view of frustration having invested into Generation 6 only now to have it all be going towards Generation 7 + Iray?


United States

I'm a guy who likes what he likes. I find it a stifling exercise to try to fit a good description of myself into a few paragraphs. So, you wanna know something, talk to me. I'm disillusioned with a lot of stuff, but that doesn't mean I'm paranoid nor does it mean I don't enjoy life.

Some ground rules: Treat others the way you'd like to be treated on my page.
-If you are a condescending know-it-all, I'm going to throw it back in your face.
-If you lack self-awareness when you post, I'm going to call you on it.
-If you make digs, insult others or myself, expect to get a taste of your own medicine.
-If you act superior, but can't figure out why people seem to get misanthropic towards you, it's time you take a look within.
-Opinions vary. Live with it. Don't attack the messenger. Be sure your reply to this effect is coherent and consistent.
-Got a chip on your shoulder? Patch it. A nasty attitude over the internet isn't particularly welcome anywhere.
-Got an ego problem? Leave it at the door, or you will get mocked.
-I will block you for posting whack stuff, flaming, humorless trolling, sardonic humor that you can't share with others.
-If I respect you, don't take it for granted.

With that out of the way, I hope we can have friendly conversations with each other and get to know one another. Who knows? We might even learn a thing or two.


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