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Into the past

By Argolith
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One more shot from my trip to ~picturenoise's hometown. I chose the title Into the past because this house gives me a certain time travel feeling... Hard to explain.

What do you think about the HDR processing? Are the local contrasts too high? Colorwise I made the picture heavy on warm tones and reduced the saturation of the greens and blues. Any thoughts on that?


Judenburg, Styria, Austria


Canon EOS 1000D
EF-S 18 - 55 mm IS lens

Technical details:

Aperture: F/10
Shutter speed: 1/40 s
ISO setting: 200
HDR processing (single RAW file)
Image size
1008x675px 656.95 KB
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Firstly I saw this picture while browsing some photos and this picture just jumped out and said 'Look at Me'.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who get's this feeling!

I don't know too much about photography apart from the fact that I'm picky and know what I like.

So let me begin: The colours are perfect, the dark ominous sky with a slight warming orange of the house blends for a nice mix of colour within the picture. Not to soft, not to harsh.

The lighting is good with no dark shadowy corners etc.

Everything from the trees to the leaves on the ground blend well and the colours help bring out the details. It verges on the edge of surreal yet just manages to stay within reality.

Finally the title of the piece is perfect with the orange of the buildings adding to the age and giving it the whole old age look.

So to end, a great photo with great visual impact. Congratulations. <img src="…" width="15" height="16" alt=":+fav:" title="+fav"/>
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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this critique and for the positive feedback!
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It was my pleasure.
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Firstly, i don't know much about HDR, (contrasts seem fine to me) and I think the title fits the process and your comments well.

I think both warm tones & cold tones would work for this concept, depends on which atmosphere you want to go to: inviting or foreboding. the warm tones and sky area present an opposition for me. You have BOTH warm and cold feelings created. I do love the orange of the house and the green of the grass, they compliment each other perfectly.

To begin with the house is somewhat spooky (check out those windows!) and there's the encroaching black clouds coming in across carefree blue. On one hand i say well done for creating a mix of opposite effects, on the other i want you to pick one and run harder with it. Make it beautifully warm and glowing, or completely cold and stoic. For me, the effect of the picture is only a fractionally effective of what it could be.

You've filled the frame completely, which pushes the feeling of someone's ' past ' - full to bursting, almost too much to take in all at once. And the idea of the viewer rushing in upon it quickly, as one would expect with time travel and suddenly arriving right at your destinations doorstep. Such great detail and colour, yet the image still feels.. empty. The busyness and balanced composition of the shot is easy on the eye, but the content leaves me flat (nothing in the image makes me particularly intrigued or demands attention). It could be a shot for an estate agent, so devoid of action it is.

Perhaps this is what you're going for, a purely picturesque recording, using HDR to simply add that surreal time-travel quality. If so, the house needs an oomph. Something about the black clouds next to that blue sky feels.. halfway. Not quite surreal enough, and not convincingly real enough. I'd like to see the blue sky desaturated further, almost to grey. I have a feeling this will put more emphasis on the house, help it stand right out. Possibly even boost up the warmth on the front wall too. How do you feel about darkening the corners/edges also?

Indeed the HDR, on top of the architecture itself, creates an old-fashioned, almost Victorian mood. If it weren't for the nice modern signs on the power sheds I'd be completely transported.

So, it's a mixed bag. Nice, well composed shot(s), but there's no particular punctum for me.

Apologies for the potential uselessness of this critique.

(for #Critique-It)
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Thanks for taking the time to write this critique.

I'll try using only warm / only cold tones in the future, but I didn't want to do it with this particular shot. You're probably right about the sky: Less saturation would be better.

By the way, I did darken the edges of the picture, but only slightly.
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it's a lovely architectural shot, and beautifully subtle HDR: the best kind :heart:
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I know exactly what you mean, it also gives me that certain time travel feeling.
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Cool. Thanks for commenting!
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You're welcome!
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You've been featured here [link] ! :blowkiss:

Feel free to participate in the next UAF! :D And remember: love the article and support yourself! :#1:
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amazing HDR! Everything is harmoniously...
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Thanks, glad you like it.
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Ich bin zwar nicht so der hdr fan, aber das Gefühl kann ich nachvollziehen, welches du auch durch deinen Titel vermitteln willst - ist gut geworden =)
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Freut mich, dass es gelungen ist.
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I quite like the colour in this piece; it's vivid and eye-catching. It kind of makes the photo look like a photomanipulation because it looks kind of surreal a bit. I suppose you can interpret that as a good or bad thing I suppose, depending on what you're aiming for.

I think the title is quite suiting to the piece, as the architecture is old. I like the old autumn dying tree in the corner that gives a sense of aging. I also quite like the clouds, as they remind me of clouds flitting past when time goes by fast.
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The colors are primarily a result of the HDR processing, which tends to give photographs a surreal look.

Thanks for taking the time to write down your thoughts!
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No worries, I hope they were helpful.
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