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Waiting for Season 5 [SFM]

By argodaemon
This pose is not doable in SFM... trust me. This was a lot of Photoshop work and required 3 Lyras melded into 1. It was like a super Lyra.  Hide your hands.

Created during the 8/22/14 livestream.
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Which map did you use? 
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It is a custom scenebuild. No download. :(
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Can you at least let me know what you used and where to get them...?
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Most I wouldn't be able to tell you.  The scenebuild doesn't exist anymore. It was going to be a part of a video that had that part cut, so was thrown away.  Also, most the foliage is from a pack whose only download was from SFMbox, which doesn't exist anymore.
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I, a pony come from the future where Season 5 already been a thing!!!! NOW SCARE ME!!!! :D
AmyRose12xx's avatar
Waiting for season 5 just like...
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Me too... :3 just a waiting ^_^
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Hey Lyra, do you have room on that bench for two?
CeeDeePlayer's avatar
-sorry, what was you sayin'?-

this is one of the few situation I could don't like her
Anybronym0ti0n's avatar
Just like me, sitting around waitin', but i'm drawing also and writing fanfic so I think it doesn't count, jeez stupid Discord, playing gardener and plantin' a bunch of weeds in a wild forest and forgetin' about them.
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How we all feel right now...
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Nice, but sorry to tell you Lyra, I hear that season 5 won't premiere in 2015 in spring. :( That's what I've heard. :( Still very loyal Lyra. ^.^
QinDynasty97's avatar
Whatever Iam Still Watching Wakfu Season 2 on Netflix if That Helps ;)
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Hexedecimal's avatar
Iconic Lyra Pose... This version looks cooler than the original version!
PencilPonies's avatar
*Jeopardy theme plays*
AdmiralPopeye's avatar
That looks so uncomfortable...
TsuriaDragon's avatar
oh lyra you so lazy XD lol awww I missed this part ;~;
Markuma's avatar
Yay! Lyra! xD
She's kinda chillin' at the Canterlot Gardens? o_o;
sonicavenger1's avatar
That description made me laugh very hard.

Gorgeous as usual Argo.
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