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Twi Wick: Chapter 2

I really loved the John Wick 2 poster with all the guns, so decided to try with pone. Originally was only made for use on a panel at Ciderfest, but decided to share it as well. :) 

Twilight Model:…
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Ahhh thats hot. Thats hot.
ToastyWhiteBoy's avatar
Nowadays it’s Breathtaking
Which fic was this for?
argodaemon's avatar
This one. Picture doesn't match the story, but wanted to make it anyways. :)…
Film-Shot's avatar
love the john wick movies!
Banquo0's avatar
If Tirek accidentally killed Owlowiscious during the S4 Finale...
ColourMan59's avatar
"Welp, we're boned."
Phearlock's avatar
Don't worry, only the unicorns (and spike) will be able to pull the triggers.
ColourMan59's avatar
Okay, then how are they able to hold the gun without wrapping their hoof around it in the first place?
GreyOfPTA's avatar
This would have also worked with dozens of unicorns all pointing their lit horns at her as well. 
Love your work and your vids are always a hoot to watch.
sunwoo618's avatar
More like "Tweak" ;)
Danwolf89's avatar
*record scratch* "i bet you're wondering how i ended up here?" sorry i couldnt resist x)
Discbreaker100's avatar
When someone says that likes pineapple on pizza
Pegasister64's avatar
Creepy, with just a hint of horrifying... I love it!
Noobmister's avatar
"Do not attempt to move, or we will be shooting ourselves!"
Mokey1980s's avatar
I can only imagine how Twi' feels beneath the cool and melancholy expression she has here, nice job =)
diegomolina's avatar
muy al lo metal gaer
sokesamurai's avatar
Cool work, I like the lighting.
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