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Tea With Discord [SFM]

Created on a livestream. The viewers helped build the idea.

Picture title thanks to Warhorse26.
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Hi i have a question what kind of tea flavor is fluttershy holding in her hoof :-?

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I love it adorable but I do have one question why is it so dark? lol they are just sitting in the dark. not that its a problem i love darkness :3
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what's the pogram you use for this?
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Source FilmMaker
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can this be downloaded without the need of Steam? (considering what happened in Christmas)
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No, Steam is required for use. :(
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now that I know that, one last question: do I need therefor be log on to Steam to use it?
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You can be in offline mode and still use, but will still need an account.
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Fluttershy and discord lol
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Love it!!! Wish that discord didnt look so creepy as an sfm but it is so awesome :3
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interesting angle of views
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Fantastic work as always by the way.

When you're five minutes into Tea and Chill and he gives you the look.
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Not enough floating furniture XD
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I'm not a big fan of the sfm discord model, but you make it workClap 
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Wow amazing picture Argo. I love it! ^-^
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Nicely done :)
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wait, Fluthershy's shed is out to the source engine ???
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Oh this is cozy lookin, if only discord didn't have that creepy look in his eyes it would feel just like home =p
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Wow, I don't recall seeing a rig for Discord.  Neat!
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frigging awesome work on this, love it! :d
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