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Scootlegger [SFM]

Made on the Friday night stream (and uploaded during). :D

Timelapse! [Click for video!]

Title Idea by Vulsegardt 
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Sweetie Belle: Applejack doesn't seem quite happy about what we did.
Apple Bloom: Scoots!! Don't go too fast! You're going to break the bottles!
Scootaloo: Sorry Bloom, but Rainbow Dash asked for these bottles and I promised her to being them to her ten minutes ago.
SB: Did somepony paid AJ?
S: That's the plan! We bring her the cider, she sells it her "clients" and-
AB: Do you mean "customers"?
S: 'Don't know! She said she wanted to bring Applejack's cinder to Cloudsdale.
AB: Why she didn't ask AJ about it?
S: Uh.... Actually... she told she did. It's... your sister who refused.
AB: Then, there must be a good reason she did.
SB: Wait!
S: What?
SB: Could it be that drinking and flying be... you know... dangerous?
S: There is no alcohol in-
AB: Actually, this one does.
SB: *gasp*
S: Bah! Don't worry. I'm sure Rainbow Dash won't drink and fly. That would tarnish her image.
AB: I don't know Scootaloo.
S: Huh? What do you mean?
AB: I saw her doing lot of dangerous stunts and, like me sister said, lots of "idiotic" stuff to show off.
S: Nah! No way!
SB: You mean to impress everypony? Anypony? I think Apple Bloom got a point.
Scootaloo suddenly stopped, surprising the other fillies who barely had time to hold the bottles from falling. The pegasus turned to face her friends.
S: Rainbow Dash is not this stupid to do something as dangerous as drinking an flying and you know it!
SB: Oh yeah? And what proof do you have?
S: S-she promised to stay with me all day tomorrow! Pinkie promised it! I know, because I saw Pinkie come from a-
AB: I get it. But why you? And there is not much bottles here.
S: I don't know. She just asked me. She knew that I would do anything for her.
SB: Yeah.
S: Anyway, I think she couldn't bring more bottles on her back don't you think?
AB: Good point.
SB: Let's go then. I'm sure she is waiting-
Rainbow Dash: SCOOOOTS!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?
AB:.... patiently?
AB: Wait! You still haven't answered about who will pay for the bottles.
S: Easy. She will sell them twice the price and pay AJ later.
AB: Why twice the price?
S: You pay the delivery. That's what Rainbow told me.
AB: Sure enough.
S: Gah!
AB: Okay, let's go!
Scootaloo resumed her ride, more carefully this time.
AB: Hey Scoots!
S: What?
AB: Do.... do you think she will... let her take a taste?
S: S-seriously? Hahahaha.... No way! She doesn't want AJ and Rarity trying to kill her.

Awesome work.
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where can I download her scooter model?
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Where might I find this map?
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Scenebuild within this map:
*DL* Sfm_Pony_Village by Sarcastic-Brony
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This one picture is actually worth a million words
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So what software is this?  And where do you learn to do something like this?
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Source FilmMaker. Learned over 2 years+ of trial and error. :P
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Demoman:Me bottle o' scrumpeh!
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Do you know where to get the Ponyville Map for SFM?
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Developed by Ponysoft Montfillier
"Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Home"
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That title...may be the best pun I have ever seen.
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Sweetie Belle haha...
Hehehe Apple Bloom!
Scootaloo, let the action begin!
Applejack is mad...

Very good work lol I like it!
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I like how AJ is waving her fist- hoof. XD
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Argodaemon......why the F*** are you so awesome!
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Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
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could you PLS uplaod the scootaloo applebloom and sweetiebell models somewhere and give me the link? srsly there is NOWHERE adl link!
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i never said thanks >.> ...thanks!!
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