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Pip Talking and Stuff [SFM|WIP]

Another work-in-progress GIF.  Sadly, no audio.

It is out now!…

This is actually 4 scenes mashed into one, so transitions are a bit strange and movements had to be mixed strangely to make it look right.  Camera setup is far from what is being used in final.  Hell, since this was rendered, the scene was refined quite a bit more.

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A-W-Paluszewski50's avatar
Hope   some others get together and create the Entire story to animation, I wish to view it in its entirety.
TheNeoStrike's avatar
You are one of my favorites
BrentOGara's avatar
Beautiful work, I loved the video too! The view of the Equestrian Wasteland when she came out of the cellar, with the ruins of Canterlot and the Pink Cloud in the distance gave me chills. :D
Scoot0i0i08's avatar
I like your animations
pinkanemadash's avatar
she there are eyes green? '-'
Puppy621's avatar
She has green eyes. She always has and always will have xD
left4deadfan55's avatar
nice work i listened to the radio play while looking at this and it fit perfectly nice job
Supercooper17's avatar
i never heard before lil pips departture. also there was a word that was repeatyed by alot of people
Tyraka628's avatar
What scene is this?
argodaemon's avatar
There is a link in the description to about the point of audio. The video is still being worked on. ^^
JaniceFebles's avatar
This is really awesome.
Anon371's avatar
Aww Pip is sooo cute :meow:
SilverWing27's avatar
Wow. The animation is so smooth it's awesome.  :)
Nottm's avatar
never read fallout equestria don't like crossovers but I like this.
bloody--mascarade's avatar
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Nice animation work, good job!!!! Totally cool
BioCalamity's avatar
Only just now realising. How did you manage to separate the suit for her body? Is it your own version of the model?
argodaemon's avatar
It was a model handed to me a while back. I don't know where/if there is a download location.
BioCalamity's avatar
Nevermind just realised you mentioned this earlier. Sorry.
marshallpro's avatar
U render quality looks great man!!
RafaelPerezKnight's avatar
Are those rigs free to download??
TribalFlame's avatar
Awesome, I'm a huge fan of Fallout Equestria
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