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Kaboom! Magic! [SFM|GIF]

I didn't have anything made for the holidays, so have this instead. ^^  Merry Belated Christmas!

This is WIP stuff for a video that should be about 4 minutes long or so, though this is definitely one of the cooler parts.  Don't expect to see the final of this one for quite some time (as in, next spring "maybe"). Will be finished around August (Bronycon feature).  This was rendered for a particle test and turned out quite pretty.  Still a few changes I want to make to it, though.  If you want to see more, you will have to show up to one of the Friday livestreams. ;)

Video Done! [Watch here!]
This is an earlier version of what is in the video.  As such, the lighting is more basic and camera less dynamic.

Most the particle effects are modified particles from other Source titles (primarily DOTA2).  A couple are custom.

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Twilight's power is amazing, and so powerful and beautiful. (^_^)
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Amazing (But the wiggle bones fucked up, lul)
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What did you use to make that particle system? I need something like that for something I'm working on.
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It isn't a single system. I took many different existing particle effects, mostly from DOTA2, and modified them a bit to work in the shot.
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Oh. Might need practice on that, because I've never used the particle editor for anything besides making sure the particles are visible and deciding which particle system is best for certain scenes.
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Saw the whole video and I love it! Makes me cry every time...
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Hey, this looks amazing! :D
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Can people post any of your gif's on their profile's? And if yes do you want to be credited? 
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As long as you don't take credit as your own, I don't care if you do or don't. :)
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QwQ Thank you <3
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Rememberance was beautiful
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Remembrance; To be described in one word: Masterpiece.

Let's see what the future holds...

Program you used? Its great
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Ok thanks for telling.also you draw every frame in that program?
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Your welcome, No usually people use models for the frames. But some people do draw for it.
Or you add the magic effects after you draw the figure?
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I say you do it after
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seriously this is too cool...just needs some really epic soundtrack like Star Wars or something.
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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I remember thissss I cried while watching this video like 30+ times....Cry a Puddle Happy Cry Day56 - Happy Cry Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz 
Such beautiful... Oh....And.....Uh, can I.... Use this gif on my page? I will credit you Off Course! Because...Twii-chan is my best pony and I loved this gif. heh ^^
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