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I'm Everything You're Afraid To Be

Created during the 8/7, 8/10 and 8/21.

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I'm Everything You Want To Be by argodaemon

Nightmare Moon model:…
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Afraid to be? Or ashamed to be?

"everything I'm afraid to be", eh? well, seeing how she's someone who would hurt the ones I love...yeah, sounds about right; now, if you said "everything I'm afraid of", I'd have to call it into question, because, well, she doesn't LOOK like a swarm of bees in an enclosed space on top of a cliff surrounding a loved one I failed to protect (no seriously: my fears are flying insects with stingers, claustrophobia, a fear of heights/falling, and seeing my loved ones getting hurt with a splash of a fear of failure)
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Here lies Luna.

Beloved Sister

'She may have had a dark heart once, But her good deeds shone through the darkness like stars in the night sky.'

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is there a version with them both side to side in a long panoramic?
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Not as a single picture. I can probably make it as such, but I wasn't sure which one belonged on which side... :\
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Wings pointing to each other would be cool me thinks.
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D.R.: "all hail the princess of darkness"!
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This is just goddamn gorgeous
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Didnt see the stream, so I'm curious about the wings.

Just a dragon model you ripped from?
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I believe it was some dragon type thing from Smite.
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Nice take on NMM. Also I am sorry for not commenting on this sooner, Monster Hunter World is addicting, so I apologize for that
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"Gaze upon the darkness. Feel its unquenchable power. Fear its undying wrath!" :)
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1st dark beauty
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Wow that looks amazing :D
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