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I'm Everything You Want To Be

Behold the breaker of days.

Created on the 6/8, 6/12 & 6/15 livestreams.
Title by: KelchanFerret

Companion to:
I'm Everything You're Afraid To Be by argodaemon

Daybreaker Model:…
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She is the Goku Black of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. XD

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Here lies Celestia

She was good, honest, kind and fair.
Our glorious leader was beyond compare.
She was our north star.
She showed us the way.

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1st she a beauty XD

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I want to see the return of Daybreaker.
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Bump up chest and smug glare.. hmm,.. yap, a apocalypse incoming signs alight.
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The sun god is here:3 PRAISE the sun. 
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More excellent work from a talented artist.
So we have Nightmare Moon and DayBreaker. What would the 'gone bad' version of Twilight be? 
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If not Midnight Sparkle (as from EG, as it is mirror world), then I don't know.
What is more important... what would the "gone bad" version of Cadance be? :)
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I know this is from EG and not FIM, but Midnight Sparkle sounds appropriate for an evil Twilight to me. :)
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Dusk Autocrat?
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Hmm, that's a good name as well. :)
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Dayum, every bit as imposing as Nightmare Moon...perhaps even more-so. Job well done =)
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were is the flame coming from???
oh boi oh boi oh bo! shut up and prise the sun
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{Takes title, and adds ", and less."} XD 

You can't beat the awesomeness of being able to shift between dimensions by going through fire! Wahahahahahahaha!
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Praise the Sun! Behold the Breaker of all Nightmares! :)
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