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Holder's Boulder Has Been Touched

By argodaemon
Made on the 3/11 and 3/15 livestreams.

Picture Title by: :icongizmo2477:

Reference Image:…

Maud and Pinkie are not unique models. They were made using a combination of material overrides and slapping on pieces of other models.

Bag Model Texas-Doughnut 
Alternate Dash AeridicCore 
Sombra Soldiers Sindroom
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whats the name of the map you used

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It was a scenebuild. Everything was just loaded models to build the shot. There is no download for it.

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where can i get that dirt texture?
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I made it myself. It is setup to be an easy swapout for pony body textures. I've been meaning to make public lol.
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i didn't know that cuz a few of my friend use there own dirt textures.

i would make my own stuff but i'm not that good at texturing.

also your animations are still just amazing to watch.
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Fun fact my group model pack was lightly inspired by this.
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Any chance you can release that dirt retexture vtf? 
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The fall of Bolder.

That day will never be forgotten, our heroes triumphed over sombra.
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where can i find those models? *_*
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This Is From LiveStream Right? I Knew It
Stormangelique's avatar
There are no words to describe how much I love this:)
A-W-Paluszewski50's avatar
Very good work, a scene from MLP: FiM "The Re-Cutie Mark".  Where Twilight Sparkle and Spike time travel back to the present and found King Sombra's invasion.
AeridicCore's avatar
I need to make those Pinkie and Maud though.
Good job.
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Ahhhh! IT U! i watch all of ur mlp animation video....Love Ur Animation! :D:D
Ur Awesome! 
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How on earth did you manage to re texture these models with the dirt? I've been trying for hours in Photoshop, tediously trying to get everything in the right place lol. Like how did you do this? Is there an unwrapped model guide somewhere? XD It's very awesome :D
Nyte-Skyez's avatar
Yes that's perfect! Thank you very much! ;D
PAX-12's avatar
Damn, that retexture is incredble!  I love it!
SunriseGoldenshield's avatar
it's beautifil man!!:happybounce: 
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