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Heroes Will Rise



Interactive Turntable! You can drag and spin the scene. Auto-rotate will start after a bit of inactivity. (Sorry mobile users! Sweating a little... )

Now available on Wallpaper Engine!

Music: J2 & Chroma Music - Heroes Will Rise
Characters: Lil Pip, Steel Hooves, Calamity, Velvet Remedy (from FoE) and Blackjack, Morning Glory, Rampage, P21 (from FoE: PH).
Created using: Source FilmMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Professional

Had the idea for something like this a few months ago and decided that, if I was going to do it, I was going all out.  There is a few errors I may fix on this later, but will keep like this for now.

This took probably over a month to make. The entire thing is a scenebuild that was on the verge of crashing my machine just to preview.  I wanted to add more, but the 0.8 fps was getting to be a bit difficult to work with. CURSE YOU! 

If you want the ActionScript I used to make the interactive Flash stuff, here is the file.  Do not expect me to explain how to implement it, as I do not really know a lot about Flash myself.
Resource Count:
-360 Frames
-878 Model Groups
-116 Lights
-33 Particle Effects

Heroes Will Rise - Little Pip by argodaemon

Original Eyebrows by Nutrafin 
Enhanced Pony Models by JuiceDane 
Updated Pony Models by Poninnahka 
Base Pony Models by KP-ShadowSquirrel
Big Macintosh by BeardedDoomGuy 
Magic Particle System by argodaemon 
Lens Flare Particle System by argodaemon 
Fallout Models by Converted by The4thaggie, Ported by RenaFox, Created by Bethesda
Hot Air Balloon by Dracagon
Shotgun Ported by WhiteSkyPony, Created by Allyster-Black
Raiders by KelchanFerret
Armor, Barding and Pip-Buck Ported by BeardedDoomGuy, Created by The-Overmare-Studios 
Little Pip by Longsword97 
Female Ghoul by WhiteSkyPony 
Steelhooves Created by The4thaggie & TheDurkaArt 
Calamity by Longsword97 
Velvet Remedy by Poninnahka 
Lil Macintosh by Chiramii-chan
Blackjack by WhiteSkyPony 
Argodaemon Model by BeardedDoomGuy 
Laser Pistol by Longsword97 
Rampage is a recolored Pinkie Pie with various DOTA 2 and Skyrim armor pieces tossed on it.
Various scenebuild props from Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Dear Esther, Dead Rising 2, Counter-Strike, DOTA 2
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