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Happy Walk [SFM Resource]



I was trying to make a cycle for a video, but kinda failed, so I fixed it up to make this.  May be able to fix it to fit what I need, but will probably just redo. :(

This is a walk animation sequence for use in Source Film Maker. The animation is 4/5 second long (24 frame cycle; created in 30 fps); the entire sequence is 12 seconds long and can be copy/pasted to loop for longer easily. There is no modifications to the rootTransform. The feet may not perfectly match with the movements, but close enough. ;)

Includes movement of the wings (closed, not opened), mouth, eyes, ears, and tail (though I feel the tail could use some more love).

Requires Nahka's Pony Overhauls:…



Loading/Using Animation Cycles…

If you run into issues with the sequence, please let me know and I will try to get it fixed or work out your problem.

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Can I Say, :) Why When I Use This Animation On Rainbow Dash, Why Is Rainbow Dash Tail Is Distorted And And Broken? Sorry If I Bothering You, Its Okay If You Can't Tough :D (Sorry Maybe You May Know Or Not Because I Am Using Blender Here, Not SFM)