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Hall of the Elements Map v2 [SFM Resource]

As seen in Remembrance!
If you liked the video, also check out the audio drama by Ashley H!

Only 3 years late! Please read the novel of text below! It should answer most questions! I will try to help people where I can, but if you get confused with anything regarding SFM use (i.e. how gobo textures work, how to re-texture, etc.), try searching YouTube for tutorials first.

Just warning you that what the map looks like is not what it looks like in the video most people know it from. Each shot was custom lit in the video to get the effect needed. This is why the lighting was kept low. Nonetheless, with some TLC, you can get the same look here. :)

The map has a lot of issues with it as it was built for the sole purpose of Remembrance. There are some holes in the wall that appeared for no reason, areas outside the hall are super minimal/crappy, and the building looks like poop from outside. If anyone wants to go and fix up the map, clean it up and/or upgrade it, by all means go ahead. This was my first map ever and ended with me loathing Hammer. :(  Hence, I stick to scenebuilding everything lol.

File Includes:
Element Hall Map [mlp_element_hallway]
Stained Glass Window models [7 in total, search "glass_"] (Created by BeardedDoomGuy)
Element Door [door, door_frame, door_lock] (Created by GunGryphon)
Hanging Flags [element_flag] (Created by myself)
Flower Pots [flower_pot] (Created by GunGryphon)
Gobo Textures for Window Lights [search "stained_"]
Template Save File [mlp_elementhall_template.dmx]

Various Tips:
- First off, there was a LOT of custom work done with lighting, textures and particles in the final version of Remembrance within SFM. This map is not going to supply all that. It only has the minimum. It will take some work on your part to buff it up.

- To install, just drag all files (besides the Read Me file) from within the ZIP file into your "usermod" folder. Do not modify their structure in any way. Just grab them all and drop it in "usermod".

- If you are looking for the Twilight pentagram circle model thing, that can be found here. Created by The4thaggie 

- There is a save file called "mlp_elementhall_template" that has the door and some lighting set in the main area as a quick example of how you could do the lighting yourself.  Feel free to use it as you want.

- If you are not using the template, the doorway and window areas will be open. You will need to either load the models manually or put something else in its place. The door is separate so you can grab the bones for opening and such. The Mane 5 windows were separate as they can explodes.

- The streaming light from the windows is not actually being created by passing through the windows.  To make the volumetric window lights look like that, you have to apply a gobo texture to a light.  Included with the file are 7 in total: 5 for each of the Mane 5 windows and 2 for each of the ones in the hall. They are pre-blurred for optimum effect.

Stained Glass Textures: nenuiel
Custom Models: GunGryphon, BeardedDoomGuyThe4thaggie 
Other Models/Textures used: friagram & Snazzysummary from MLP Canterlot Castle
Final Testers for Release: yaashoTsuriaDragon, and many others from the livestream on 4/27/18.

Note: This was intended for use in Source Filmmaker. I can not guarantee its use in any other medium (namely GMod).

Update Log
v1: Release (29APR2018)
v2: Corrected a gobo texture linking issue on the save file DMX. No map changes. (30APR2018)
© 2018 - 2021 argodaemon
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How do you go about making the mane six see through/ghosts? I've tried every tutorial I could find and am still not getting it. :(

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It was done in two renders. One render had them walking as normal and with textures twice their normal brightness. I then rendered again, but with them removed from the shot. I then overlaid the two in a video editing software and had the first shot set to only be 50% visible. It will give a ghost effect. The models were made twice as bright as the transparency would normally make them appear dark. It is to offset that a bit.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try that.

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Is it the same process to download a map for GMod as it is for a regular model? Or does it need to go in another file?
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where can I download this pack from

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It is a download direct from DeviantArt. There should be a button on the right sidebar for it (on the old UI anyways).
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How I add the stain glass windows in the correct place? I tried loading them in add model but they are too small and don't go to the correct place. thanks for sharing btw.
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There is a file that comes with the download that has all the models already loaded where they need to be. It is called mlp_elementhall_template.dmx.
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Where can I find the map? I installed the files in the usermod files and when I launch SFM and try load the map, I can't find it. Is there a name for this map or did I didn't install it correctly?
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The filenames are in the description. Under the "File Includes" section, the text in brackets are the file names.
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How do you find the "usermod" file..? I can't find it anywhere...
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Usermod is the "game" folder for anything you really want in SFM. It can be found at the below directory, dependent on where Steam is installed.
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I absolutely loved your work on Remembrance, and several other videos you've made, and I was wondering if you ever have or ever thought of doing a video on how you made these videos or a tutorial for doing SFM with ponies, I looked on the Sourcemaker site, but all they had was for regular video game stuff. Best wishes for the new year, and I hope you keep on creating.
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Oh, I have done a few already lol……

I haven't made a breakdown in a while. Those are pretty time intensive.
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wouldn't you know it, I found your tutorials and things right after posting the original comment XD, I blame it on the fact that it was around midnight when I posted that so my observational skills were not exactly at the peak of performance. I don't think I have the patience to self-teach myself all the ins and outs of SFM animation, as I struggle with even completing simple animation.
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oooh these are pretty cool. XD
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Its good to see you are stilalive
CaterhamSeven620R's avatar
Its good to see you are stil alive😀
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