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I made this by request a few weeks ago for P.A.B.S. to have for Ponyville Ciderfest.  Now that the con is over, you can have it here. :)

The pony is just some random model I colored and threw in. They do not have a name or anything.  Theme is Fallout: Equestia.

Bang bang.
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Nice art work you did.
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This is Epic!!!!!! Well done!
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can u make my oc.plz
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I think you'd have better luck with :icons80lar:
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So much for action, huh?))
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This looks so awesome,
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the details, spot on, the face expression epic, the overall picture...amazing.
I've been watching you on youtube for some months and guys like you and Sasso Studios made me want to join the sfm community so I thank you and please keep up the great work!
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Bibbdy Bibbdy BANG!!! As always, well done, Argodaemon.
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1 2 3 i'm setting it as my wallpaper Right %$#@! Now! Very great piece of art many Thanks : D
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Epic work as always!
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Another nameless pony trying to survive and make his/her way through the wasteland

Awesome =)
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That just looks amazing!
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Carry on my wayward son...
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Now that's amazing!
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oh.... that's pretty cool
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