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For The Queen

I really liked how Chrysalis turned out here, so did a closeup with some extra edits. :)

Run and Hive by argodaemon

Chrysalis Model:
[SFM/Gmod] Queen Chrysalis 1.0 by Sindroom
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Oh my goodness! That is the most beautiful picture that I had ever seen! *Clicked! Favorited! You have a new watcher! Left a comment! :love: *
This is cgi mini movie worthy, this is incredible. Really good sfm with very smooth models I love.
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I wouldn't mind being one of Chryss-Miss's Changelings.
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Long live the queen.
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Oooo, this looks good~ :D
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Is it just me or will Chrysalis start saying some Smeagle type shit right now in this picture XD
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I wonder if she'll show up in season 7?
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This turned out really well. Best showcase of this model I've seen.
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Yeah, Chrysalis was amazing in that full piece. Happy you did this closeup of her, I can now see just how sinister and pulse pounding she is

Very cool
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Helloo...the quen of hive his HERE!! Brrr.....little scary..and amazing poster WOW.
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Holy crap this looks amazing.
Yeah the wide shot did not do her justice.
Salt01's avatar
Lovely captured moment of the Queen on the hunt. :D
TheAnonymousBronyGuy's avatar
That's some scurry shit right there
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Just Perfect!  When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Whoa, these are COOL
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That is so amazing! :faint: 
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Hot damn that is just outstanding!
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So smooth! Really creepy too...
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This is one of the Dear Esther maps, right?

Do you have ANY idea where we can find those? They're not on Workshop anymore, and I REALLY need them for upcoming projects.
argodaemon's avatar
I downloaded them years ago off a forum. I no longer have the link. :(
Tyraka628's avatar
But you have the map files?
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