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Firin Mah Lazer

This is a short GIF from an Anthology VI short I made. Links below if you want to see the full video!
[The Short]
[All of Anthology VI]!

I will be going over in the livestream on Friday, August 18th how many of the effects on my shorts were done, if you are curious (link below).  If you can't go, the recording will be up on my second YouTube channel (Argodaemon Livestreams) for viewing.
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Mountains Go Boom by argodaemon Oops I Accidentally the Country by argodaemon
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[Friendship Sign]: Twilight Spark!

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Drive me closer, I want to hit her with my chainsword!

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are the spell circles a particle effect or models? either way i would love to know where to find them.
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They are a Gobo Light. It is a light with a texture. I turned on Volumetrics and made it super thin. There is no download. Just a quick pull from the internet and threw the texture into SFM.
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hm... i see i have a bit of research to do... i don't suppose there's a tutorial on how that works, is there?
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I am unsure if there is. It was something I figured out on my own. I can try to make a super-short tutorial about it, though. I feel it would be fairly useful.
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i would certainly find it useful.
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me when theres a cockorach
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when you see the mofo that make your friends cry
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The ultra Spell. Great job.
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Love the spell.    ^^  
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"Twilight! Your library isn't worth destroying the planet, come on!"
-Princess Trunks
Wayyyyyy pass the bargaining stage here
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*Distant dieing of laughter*
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So cool!!! Just AMAZING~ :happydance: + PLZ account  
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This is just... so cool! I am a dummy! 
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bless you! (need a tissue?) LOL totally kidding XD I love it!
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Wow this is amazing really like your art !
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