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Dragon Dance [SFM]

Yup. (So was not expecting this to become as popular as it did.  Guess I should expand on this description a bit.)
I only did the animating on this; I take zero credit for the model work (see below).  Took about 3 hours start to finish to do the whole cycle.  It just started with the random idea of "I want to make a dragon dance".

The technicality behind whether this is a Dragon or a Wyvern I feel is a waste of time, especially considering it is still a giant lizard dancing.  I call it a Dragon. Gets the point across. :P

Animated in Source FilmMaker
GIF compiled in Adobe Photoshop CC
Dragon model is from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda)
Source Port of the model was downloaded from SFMBox, but that site has since went down, so I no longer know who ported them.

If you want to use this as a webcam, I have no problem with it. :P

I do mostly pony animations and such. While I would love you as a watcher, do know you will be seeing lots of pony. I am a dummy!

3D Animated Videos: [YouTube]
Other animated GIFs: [Click for Gallery]
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xD It was so worth it!

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It's possible to have this animation?

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The song, Times We Had by Barlito, goes great with this scene

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I would be down for a squeal.

Great work really. I know an excellent story about a dragon and a cat. When they ran into each other, a great friendship began. With many jokes ...

.... for example: The dragon said to the cat: "Humans are stupid. I hate them. Here are two of them, who I have equipped. And you, you are begging humans for meal and milk and water, instead of hunting for yourself."

The cat answered: "You think so that I am begging for meal sometimes. In reality I like it that humans are ready to serve me. A short 'Miau' and I get water with honey."

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You're not you when your under skooma!

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Haha this is amazing :D :D
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This is amazing. Just, how did you do it? UwU
which is better to be born Good or become awsome through Great effort
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when skyrim's too easy
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Cute and funny animation
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far freaking out 
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Dancing dragon makes me giggle like a damn fool.
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When you're drunk AF and still wanna turn up
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Alright who gave the dragon moonshine? I IS CONCERNED 
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Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U and i say
WHAT'S GOING ON?Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U 
:heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: :heman: 
Music Note Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U and i say
WHAT'S GOING OOON?!!?Music Note Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U 
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Absolutely great!
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When you kill the dragonborn and get to watch the world die.
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His attack and speed rose. A lot. #149 Dragonite 
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2k17th comment by me!
Really good SMF. Perfect!
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