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Made in about 2.5 hours on the Anniversary stream on 2/19/16.  They wanted Derpy doing taxes.  Unsure about the taxes part, but she is definitely doing something.

GIF Title by: :iconyaasho:

You can watch the stream this was made on by clicking here!
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Me trying to maintain 60fps with rtx on.

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Her hooves could probably break that keyboard.

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H&R Buck's most productive employee!


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Thank you for this, this is my department right now! IT support for a school district that went one to one over the summer... Good thing they saved all that money by cutting our staff by 2/3 a few years back... =^^;

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Nothing is certain but death and taxes

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cooking the books

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That's how i do code...

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her: ima do taxes

me: but your computer is on fire?

her: ...who cares!

me: ........ :l

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HAHAH omg this is just hilarious! Excellent Work
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I will remember this, whenever i have a bad RP or story in front of me
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hard wörk pays off
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Oh, I didn't know that somebody was recording when I was working at workplace O.O (xD)
Great animation! #DerpyForPresident
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Baby Derpy: While I grow up, I want to be rich!

Current Derpy: I need enough money for today to buy food ;~;
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... Working hard, that's good.
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Cool! Great 3D animation. ^^
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This is a perfect recreation of Sonic 06's development...and BigRedButton's attempt at Sonic Boom....and Sega's Sonic Forces
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