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Dashie Stool Thing

Let it be known that I am still working on video stuff. :P  Have a sample of a smaller side project.

Stool Model by: Cody-Cero & Mr-Pony-Man

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Is it weird that I actually used to do this
ParallelPoisonArtsXD's avatar
nope, i used to do that on a stool too
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I loved that video, it was so cute!
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You have to wonder if at some point in time will dashie get dizzy doing this? 
CassieMonroe's avatar
Happy Dashie is happy.
Flashbloodcross's avatar
Yay! Iluvdashie\rd!!!lol!
Overlord-Sombra's avatar
so what do you do if the model suddenly stops responding to flex and/or any other manipulation commands during the editing process?
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Double-click the shot in the shot editor and it should open up a new screen with some yellow bars.  Look for one that has the name of the model in question and extend the bar in to the work area.

If that is confusing, just copy and paste the model in to the same shot.  If you extended the shot at some point containing a model you loaded a while back, if may "expire".  You are just resetting or extending that life.
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Ok new question, how do you get back to the default shot editor after doing this?
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There is a "return" looking button that pops up above the timeline and to the left. 
Overlord-Sombra's avatar
Thanks! This problem has been putting a huge damper on my progress for a good while. It's good to get it going forward again.
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I love it, its so funny and cute.
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Ahaha, this scene is made more awesome by being fully 3D. :)
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me everyday being "derpy" (LOL PUNS X3)
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She Must be so Happy c:
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Super LOL for this one. :D
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you mean ADOORABLE
sweetyfriedkitty's avatar
Cuute 😍 nice work
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