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Celestia Walk [SFM Resource]



I needed a cycle of Celestia walking, so did the majority of this on a Friday Stream (click the link to watch me make it!). Was cleaned up a day later and made its way here.  There is still a lot to be desired in it, but didn't want to spent hours more for small changes.  

This is a walk animation sequence for use in Source Film Maker. The animation is 2 seconds long (60 frame cycle; created in 30 fps); the entire sequence is 12 seconds long and can be copy/pasted to loop for longer easily. There is no modifications to the rootTransform. I know there is some clipping with the shoes, but it really couldn't be helped without making her walk stiff-legged.

Includes movement of the wings (closed and opened), eyes, ears, mane (baked) and tail.  Eye animation is only to the direction controls; not the moving point.  This means you may have to clear the movement depending on the use.

Requires BeardedDoomGuy's Celestia or Nightmare Moon Overhaul:
[DL] celestia overhaul v2 by BeardedDoomGuy[DL] Nightmare Moon by BeardedDoomGuy
Awesomely enough, it works on both :D



Loading/Using Animation Cycles…

If you run into issues with the sequence, please let me know and I will try to get it fixed or work out your problem.

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What about the hooves clipping through the floor, despite it being flat ground? I try editing the animation in any way to make sure the hooves stay on solid ground, no pun intended, but it's not working out. Any tips?

The model is BeardedDoomGuy's Celestia Overhaul and is just pure with no rigs or any scaling added to it, if that helps.