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Argo DMX Resource Pack v3

Last Updated: 4/19/17
See below for additions

Please try to read everything below before downloading and using. :D

If you wanted to see some of my animations a bit more up close, here is your chance.  This pack contains the per-pony DMX for nearly every video I have made to date: well over 100 files across 31 works.  These are NOT SFM save files.  Each pony was exported separately and the files indicate for which actor they originated.  To download, click the "Download" button on the right bar.

Now there is going to be confusion on which exact model was used or how they were set up, but I am stating right here I will NOT be answering questions about specifics regarding use.  I am expecting a lot and would take way too long to answer and research back a few years to find out that information. There is video-specific ReadMe files included to help with some confusion, as well as a link to the video to reference how it may be used.

The main purpose for this pack is two-fold. 1) So those looking to improve at animating can play around and see how someone else makes theirs; and 2) for those looking for assistance to have something to take portions from for their own use. Basically, I want it to be a learning tool.  While I do not feel myself to be all that great an animator, I know that some hands-on material to play with could really help those starting out. 

I know this does open me up for potentially having content being "stolen", but I really don't care. I got my use out of these files. Instead of lingering and protecting what I have done, I want to focus on what I can still do.

How do I use the DMXs?
Watch this tutorial!  Again, these are NOT save file DMXs.  These are animation files you import to a specific model.

Can I use a part for my own animation?
Yup! Use any parts you want. Have fun with it. I steal portions from my past animations all the time. Now you can too. :P  While it would be awesome if you gave credit if you did use a portion, I am in no way requiring it.  Included in the file is a release that basically states you can use anything in there without my permission.

Why did a portion of their body just extend into the wall?
I probably had something locked when exporting and didn't notice.  Let me know which file it was that caused the issue and I can work to fix and update.  It is the reason there is a version number in the file name.  I am expecting some problems.

Can you share the save file DMX?
No.  That will never happen lol.  Not because I want to protect them, but because there is so much modified and specific to my SFM setup that loading it anywhere else is guaranteed to not work right.

Videos/GIFs Included:
    Alushy - Nightmare Nights
    Alushy - Shoot to Thrill
    Dash Chair Scene [v2]
    Derpo Taxes [v3]
    Don't Buck with Twilight
    Fallout Equestria - Leaving the Stable
    Fallout Equestria - Lightbringer
    Find A Way
    Front Flip Animation Test
    Fruitless Efforts [v3]
    Fus Ro Yay
    Hall of Elements Demo
    Heroes Will Rise
    I'll Fly
    I've Done Nothing Productive All Day
    Luna's Banishment (kinda)
    Making My Way Down the Milky Way [v2]
    Rocky (Anthology V) [v3]
    Run through the Forest
    Screw My House (Anthology V) [v3]
    Spitfire Kamehamaha
    Unicorn Friendship Magic
    Wonderbolt Initiation
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Argo: I do not feel myself to be all that great an animator

Me: "Stares confused"

also me: I hate all my art work

ChuckyTheMagician's avatar
Me: Argo, more like cargo xD

My Brain: I am slowly dying inside please send help me.
JohnnyHorse's avatar
My only question is how do we install them into SFM? Then again, I may be asking a foolish question.

EDIT: I watched the video. Man am I stupid. XD Though thanks for the animations sequences, Argo.
Joecrackon's avatar
Heya Argo

First off, THANK YOU for this incredible resource! 
Second, what would be your troubleshooting steps if you see the error "Document was not opened because there was an error reading the file"?

I've tried downloading the files from two separate sources. And tried reinstalling SFM.
argodaemon's avatar
It depends on what the file is you are trying to open.  I have not had the error myself before.
Joecrackon's avatar
I've tried opening about 7 or 8 different DMX files in your pack. Could you tell me if these steps sound like they should work?

1. I put your pack into the 'sessions' folder.
2. I open SFM, go to File, then Open.
3. [concrete example] I navigate to the 'Remembrance' folder, select 'argo_remembrance_twilight_v1.dmx', and press 'Open'.
4. "Document was not opened because there was an error reading the file."

I'm a noob to SFM, so I'm accepting that I could be messing up such a simple thing.
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The DMX files are not save-file DMX files.  There is a link in the description to a video on how to import model-specific animation DMX files.
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OMG  this is amazing
Ariaannaa's avatar
Why are some videos in bold?
argodaemon's avatar
They are the newly added ones.
Moondoggie25's avatar
Thanks for the hard work you put in.
GeminiRenegade's avatar
Ah man. This oughta be really useful!
Vupsi12345's avatar
Yep. Thanks DeviantArt. This is the first picture I would think of when I search on "TwiDash". This is totally what I was looking for xD
JacobiMarsha's avatar
I like the  dimension/animation you did on this piece of artwork.
Holy cow!!!

How am I just hearing/seeing this?!!

Boy is this ironic. I just started getting into animation, too. What perfect timing, Argo!

Thank you so much for this release, man. This will help me immensely, like all your other stuff.
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Thanks so much for this Argo!
AquamarinePeridot's avatar
Uhhhh....there was an error reading the file....
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Thanks Argo for this update. *HUGH*
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KIPERFuN's avatar
Thanks Argo!
A lot of the things I've been able to learn from you have been a great help of the past year :D, even out side of SFM.
AquamarinePeridot's avatar
This is gonna help me BIG TIME.

I tend to put a lot of upper body movement into my animations, and sometimes, a little too much....
I wonder if this can help!
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You bring a tear to my eye man. Reading all the above and the comments I can see why so many of the guys in the Doors 1 video left the comment thanking you for inspiring them. 
Lionroo's avatar
Argo, seeing you stream and the way you speak, just fills me with a beaming pride. You're patient and you explain, you speak as a peer, not simply as a teacher. (Though you do that well as well) Thank you so much mah man for being as awesome as you are!
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