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Argo 5 # 2 is available here:…

Written by Dan Sehn :iconargocomics: . Art by Rafael Dantas Gomes :iconrafael0381: . Colors by Giuseppe Pica. Cover by Franchesco! :iconfranchesco: Pin-ups by Terry Dodson (X-Men) :iconterrydodson: , Rob Liefeld (Deadpool), Gene Ha (Top Ten), Todd Nauck (Spider-Man) :icontoddnauck: , Bill Willingham (Fables), Sean Chen (X-Men), Andy MacDonald (Terminator), Louis Small Jr. (Vampirella), Shelby Robertson (Latex Alice), Tim Tyler (Engine), Ray-Anthony Height (Icons):iconraheight2002-2012: , Dave Devries (Monster Engine), Kasim Earl and Mary Regina Alacoque. Pin-up colors by Miguel Marques and Dead Dog :icondeaddog2007: .

Full Color
Page Count: 36

This issue looks into the origin of Kasira the genie as well as the ongoing mess that is Chain Reaction's love life. Guest starring Thunderlord and Avatar from Argo Comics Anthology # 1 and introducing the foxy feline known as Tigre Roja!

Earth's premiere megahero team, Argo 5, take on threats from intergalactic to mystical to the greatest challenge of them all... social relationships. Can these megaheroes defend the earth and still handle the drama of social interaction? Megahero action meets slice of life reality!

Argo 5 # 2 TM and © Dan Sehn.. All rights reserved.
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