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Argo Comics was a big hit at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con! I posted a bit of a con review at… with pics from the show including costumes. Thanks to all who came by to pick up comics, sketches or just  to chat! Great to see :iconrichbernatovech:, :iconjamiefayx:, and :iconarzeno: at the show. Things are in the works on the printed page side of things with these 3 of these highly talented individuals but I'll post some new art for you web fans tonight as well. I printed up a sketchbook for the show and I had a few copies left so I'll offer them here to my Deviant pals. Its called SEHNSATIONAL!: The Art Of Dan Sehn and I'll post the cover that features Quantama (from the Paladins story in Argo Comics Anthology # 2). To order a copy of the sketchbook you can Paypal my e-mail address of $10 (free shipping... no penalty for missing Wizard Philly, lol... great show to get to if you can though!) and include "SEHNSATIONAL! sketchbook" in the Paypal comments.
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I will be appearing at Wizard World Philadelphia. I have exhibited there before and it's always a phenomenal show! ...…

I'll have the full line of Argo Comics available and will be available for sketch commissions.
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Hey Gang,

Just wanting to send out the word on a new group on DeviantArt created by the mega-talented Michael Watson called Studio-for-Hire.

It is a studio that can create your comic from beginning to end. From writing, pencilling, inking, coloring, lettering, and even logo design. They have rounded up a group of phenomenal talent and the prices they have set are a great deal!

I have seen a lot of promotional covers here on DA with no actual book so this is your ticket to make that dream a reality!

Once your pages are completed I'll recommend Indy Planet for printing and then you'll be all set to take the comic world by storm!

Check out Studio-for-Hire here: :iconstudio-for-hire:
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Hey all, Argo Comics Anthology # 3 is now available at…

Written by Dan Sehn. Art by Ibraim Roberson (X-Force, Green Lantern Corps), Felix Novara Adrian, and Dan Richards. Colors by Miguel Marques and Dead Dog.

Pin-ups by Bill Maus (Nira X), Brad Green (Argo 5), Tim Vigil (Faust), Andy Macdonald (Terminator), John Hebert (X-Men), Louis Small Jr. (Vampirella), Shelby Robertson (Latex Alice), Denny Finke (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Chris Dibari (Starship Troopers), TG Sangalang (aka TGK), Mitch Ballard, Greg Nichols, Johnny Barlanti, and Tom Burgos.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

Canadians, Americans, Mexicans, and Central Americans unite as we ask the question, "Are demons unfairly treated?". Find out as we meet the super-team known as Team North America. We also introduce the Death Squad as they attempt to put a halt to the deadly super-villain sport called "Ultimate Massacre". Lastly, join the Havoc Patrol on their time traveling adventure in part 2 of "Tall Tales". All this plus pin-ups by industry pros and upcoming superstar artists of tomorrow! 24 pages of great stories! 24 pages of hot pin-ups! This issue is a comic and a pin-up book all rolled into one!
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Written by Dan Sehn.
Art by Luisa Russo, Felix Novara Adrian, and Antonio Brandao.
Colors by Miguel Marques and Joseph Baker

32 pages of Full Color fun and excitement!

This issue introduces the girls of Super Gamma Mega, The Sorority of Power the college club for today's young mega heroines! Then join the Havoc Patrol on their time traveling adventure in part 1 of "Tall Tales". Finally we introduce the Paladins as they face off with the Chaos Cult to protect the Chosen One. All this plus pin-ups by industry pros and upcoming superstar artists of tomorrow!

Argo Comics Anthology introduces you to the heroes and heroines of the Argo Comics Universe.

Argo Comics Anthology  TM and © Dan Sehn. All rights reserved.…
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Argo Comics Anthology # 1 has been added to the Indy Planet online catalog! I'll put the cover in my DA Gallery.…

Written by Dan Sehn. Art by Jean Sinclair, Luis Xlll, and Greg Woronchak. Colors by Miguel Marques and Joseph Baker. Pin-ups by industry pros Brad Green and Andy Macdonald!

Impact is an international team of superheroes who sometime work in two units as Impact Gold and Impact Silver. In this issue mythological beasts are on the loose in Brazil and England and the Impact heroes from Germany, England, USA, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, India, and France unite to face the threats head on! Also in this issue, the Teen Machine help a friend in his pursuit of justice... and a date for the prom!

Argo Comics Anthology introduces you to the heroes and heroines of the Argo Comics Universe.

Argo Comics Anthology #1 TM and © Argo Comics Anthology Number 1 and  Dan Sehn. All rights reserved.
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Argo 5 Number 1 is out and has been added to IndyPlanet's Online Comics Shop.
Here is the web address to order your copy!….

Story and Art: Dan Sehn  Colors: Giuseppe Pica  Cover: Brad Green  Pin-Ups by Elton Ramalho, Anthony Castrillo, Jim Califiore, Tim Tyler, and Tim Vigil!

Full Color
Page Count: 32

Meet Gladiatra, Shazrath, Blue Dynamo, Kasira and Chain Reaction... the super-team known as Argo 5. When an alien menace declares war on the planet Earth, can the heroes defeat the power of Umbrak the Unbeatable!?

Earth's premiere megahero team, Argo 5, take on threats from intergalactic to mystical to the greatest challenge of them all... social relationships. Can these megaheroes defend the earth and still handle the drama of dating? Megahero action meets slice of life reality!