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Sorority of Power #14 Now Available!

Now available in print and digitally at…

Cybersuit, Leopard Lass and Moushka hire ventriloquist Camilo Walace with hopes of flushing out the Weritas-Man. Can they do this despite not realizing that they are one and the same?

Weritas-Man/ Camilo Walace will be appearing in his own story in Antarctic Press’ anthology Exciting Comics as will some of my stories so jump on this for his first appearance!

Story by Dan Sehn. Art, colors and letters by Andre Leal (he's a talented guy!) This issue’s pin-up section features art from Weniskley Santana, Carl Kent, Shawn Atkinson, Hannibal King, Sunny Lee, Andrea Meneghin, and Jardel Cruz. Choose from "I Ain't No Dummy" cover and "Caped Wonder" variant both by interior artist Andre Leal!
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I bet Mouska now know what the puppets of Jeff Dunham feel like! ;P

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Yes, she got a first hand account in this issue (no pun intended 😄).
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Wow! Impressive!!

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Yes, Andre did the interiors as well. He rocked it.
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BTW, if you have a moment to spare, we'd love to have your support on our upcoming series, Zener: Master of the Mind -

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Okay. Shipping was a bit hefty but I backed it.

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Apologies, this was our first campaign and we might have rushed figuring out the right shipping for international.

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Never ran an Indiegogo so not sure if they allow separate prices for domestic and international shipping as Kickstarter does. Looks like you are doing well though so congrats.

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Thank you. We're chugging along, but Hopefully we'll get to our goal soon.

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