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Nature Man #1

By argocomics
My new Kickstarter inspired by the public domain character Nature Boy:…
This awesome cover by :iconfooray:
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What was it like reworking a public domain character into modern times? Was it fun?

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Yes it has been. A bit more research intensive than some other projects in tracking down all the source material and being mostly faithful to it Just a few tweaks here and there and also had to create a lost last appearance to explain why Nature Boy dissipated in 1957. We also get to play with that "man out of time" concept as he hasn't been around since then.
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Its pretty awesome to see you guys working on a Public Domain character! Have you ever done something like this before?

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No, this is our first time dealing with a public domain character outside of the versions of Thor and Hercules that have appeared in Argo 5. It's an interesting challenge.