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Argo Part 4
It turned out Eo knew many shortcuts to fixing Lily.  The sheer amount of knowledge she had on the subject filled the entire time they put Lily back together.  There was little about robotics Eo did not know some improvement to.  She rewrote Lily's damaged data-storage procedure in less than ten minutes, organizing it in a radically different, yet much more intuitive way than Mira had even thought possible.
Mira had been awake again for nearly twenty hours.  She leaned back from her desk and stretched.  Eo came back from the kitchen carrying the next half of the reheated delivery pizza. (Delivery because, for some unexplained reason, Eo did not know how to cook.)  When she saw Mira agape in the middle of a yawn, Eo set the pizza down and took her by the hand.
"You're too tired," Eo said with a demanding tone, "you need to get some sleep."
"Oh come on, we're almost done . . ." Mira said, yawning again.
"No," Eo insisted, "I'll
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Argo Part 3
Mira excused herself after pulling Lily back on the worktable and fidgeting with her arms for several minutes.  She yawned heavily, and went straight to bed without bothering to wash up—she would finish later.  She was starving, too, but sleep came first.
"Miss Mira?" Eo asked, peeking through the door to the bedroom, "would you like me to do anything for you while you sleep?"
"Hrm," Mira said, looking up from the pillow.  "Did you find anything on the internet yet?"
"No . . ." Eo said, "I haven't been able to match my name, my description, or even unique numbers.  I've informed several android agencies that I've lost my identity, and they said they'd tell me if something came up.  So, could I do something for you?"
"Well, what do you normally—oh, that's right.  Uh, just clean up, if you want."
Want.  That was a word she didn't normally use with androids, at least in a professional sense.  She alw
:iconrickgriffin:RickGriffin 40 12
Argo Part 2
Mira arrived home, waking to the fox android's insistent shaking of her shoulder.  She also realized they had bandaged her fingers, and she groaned.  She hated how coddling androids could be when provoked.
The foxes laid out Lily and the mouse girl onto the lacquer table of her studio--a bit rustic by modern standards but useful enough.  Once finished, one fox asked if Mira needed any more medical assistance.
"Yes I'm fine," Mira said, flexing her fingers.  They felt decent enough to do delicate work, so she supposed she didn't need anything as drastic as stitches. "You're not--"
"No charge for the bandages, courtesy of Wreck Retrival Incorporated!  Are you sure you don't want me to call a professional mechanic for your ani-droids?"
"I am a professional," Mira said through her teeth.
The fox waited, staring at her with glassy eyes.
". . . no, no I don't need a mechanic."
"Your responses have been recorded.  We will email you o
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Argo Part 1
During the final hours of the Annual American Engineers Association Symposium, the grounds outside the convention center teemed with androids.  Most were under four feet tall, with a harmless animal quality to them; fur, face and all.  The symposium did not permit out-of-the-box factory androids on the convention floor for multiple reasons--though disappointingly, what they had to offer this year lacked any significant improvements.
The sky brooded, matching the mood that hung over the entire weekend.  Mira wanted to return to work; it would be a welcoming distraction from an unproductive trip.  Castletown was a veritable holy land of android engineering (at least for this hemisphere), but her grail was still missing.
Lily, her android, pulled the car up to the convention hall, when it began to rain.  In technical design terms, Lily was an ani-droid, but the lazy tongue dropped the extra vowel.  Ani-droids were too common to r
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Here is the one and only fanclub for Argo, a short story by Rick Griffin,
creator of the webcomic Housepets.

In the distant future, the easy paths to artificial intelligence have been outlawed. Mira McAllister, dismayed at the lack of progress the engineering community has made in recent years, determines to find the answers for herself when she comes across a strange, discarded android. Repairing her to full function, she discovers the android is unlike any she's ever dealt with before--and the answers she was searching for only lead to more questions, and more secrets.







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