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Happy Bouncer

ok, this one i just drew this one to train jumps and boucing effects.
my sister said that hes cutie =3...
but i think that the eyes and mouth positions are a bit wrong somehow =\

i has only: 51 frames and some layers,just toke me less than one hour =)

OMG! amazing...A DD!!thans hat wearer gal :bucktooth:
i usualy receive just some comments everyday....but then i got 90 messages almost at once :ohnoes:
anyway some people were asking for a PLZ account so here it is =D :iconhappybouncerplz:
thanks again and have a nice day :D
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Just to let you know, this emote was chosen as the Daily Emote for EmoteADay on January 15, 2014, and featured here!… :dummy:
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Jump for the win.
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hey just wondering, do you happen to know a plz icon where the little ball jumps and bumps into the wall of his image
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omg i love it! and ur name is the shizz!!!
Argetlam-Br-01's avatar
OMG THANKS!! but, wut meanz "Shizz" =B?
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bleh its a summary for a badword...lets just say that i think it was great!
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oooohh K, then ...
thanks again anyway !
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lmao ur welcome!!!
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It's soo cute! you did a great job 'shadeslayer' ^^
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UAU, adorei! :D :judge:+1
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ha VLW =D...desculpa a demora em responder eu tava viajando ...CaRnAvAl!1!!xD :iconhappybouncerplz::iconhappydancerplz:
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That... is... adorable! :iconhappybouncerplz:
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Awwwww cute! Congrats on the DD :D
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Aw, he is a cutie! Look at him go! XD

And congrats on the DD ^^
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aww its so cute! <3
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great animation!

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there is a message of emotiocons for you :aww:
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Congrats on the DD ^^
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