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A motorbiking, monster drinking yeti with glasses by ArgetKnight, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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My Bio

I am a 24 year old man from the desolated lands of Spain. While mainly into DMing Dungeons and Dragons, I also tend to explore other outlets for creativity, specially 3D animation.

Source Filmmaker is a limited piece of software that works about 60% of the time. However, I lack the time, the energy and the interest to learn a better program.

Commissions are currently open with a negotiable price depending on the image. Don't worry, I'm extremely cheap.

Favourite Movies
I'm a fan of fantasy well-written action movies. Therefore, I barely watch any movies. Endgame was pretty good!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sum 41 and Powerwolf are my current favorites, but I have quite a diverse taste. My current flavor of the month is Two Steps From Hell.
Favourite Books
Skulduggery Pleasant is the only series of books I haven't stopped liking after growing up.
Favourite Games
Big fan of cartoony class shooters, so basically only Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. I've also enjoyed Monster Hunter World, Mordhau, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Rivals of Aether and a bunch more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Hey guys. I'm getting back into TF2, at least for a while. Commissions are open again. The price for any given image is currently at a minimum of 1ref, but I'll follow a "pay me what you think the image is worth" policy from now on.
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 COMMISSION STATUS (This can vary from day to day): Profile pic: OPEN Loadout: OPEN Team picture: OPEN Full image: OPEN Animation: OPEN Open: Your request will most likely be finished in 24 hours or less. Closed: I am not accepting commissions for this category. Long queue: I will accept your commission but it may take from 3 days to a full week for me to even start it. RULES FOR REQUESTING: No porn, erotic, ecchi or similar contents. (Romantic content is allowed)NO PONIES. Under any circumstance. If I use a mod because of personal initiative, it won't suppose an extra payment. This also applies to mods that fix stuff which is alre
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So. I changed some computer parts. I have done something wrong. Fire everywhere. Lol it's a joke. No but really I've lost a lot of data, including the list of commissions. I seriously have no clue if I was working on something or not so, if you requested something, please tell me in the comments below. FUCK YOU, HARD DRIVE.
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I'm a one day late but, Happy BirthdayHappy DeviantART Birthday 

If you, have the time to log in that is..
Could you also do a load out for Femscout to make her look like Brigitte with:
Squire’s Sabatons
Courtly Cuirass
Hero’s Tail colored in Cream Spirit
Ham Shank
Razorback (as a shield that goes on her hand or lower arm)
(what is that robotic armor with the skirt)
Could you also do that please)
Hello could you please do Scout/Femscout x/vs Brigitte. Brigitte is similar to Scout in many ways. The list is:
She like Scout is the youngest of her sisters (no not oldest, those kids in the relfections comic are Torb’s grandchildren and she was confirmed as the youngest in her bio). Her dad Torbjorn in game is playable like Soy and in lore, Torbjorn like spy is famous. Their moms, Ingrid and Scout’s mom appear in outside content such as Meet the Spy and Reflections. They trained in certain professions through family members. Scout learned to run through his brothers while Brigitte learned blacksmithing through Torbjorn and learned knighthood through Reinhardt. And last but not least they stun. Brigitte can only stun at close range whereas Scout can stun at any range, it is nothing at close range, but at further range, the stun is longer. That still makes them similar. Could you do it please.
I'm sorry, I'm not taking any commissions at the moment. I will make an announcement when I begin working again so please, send me a private message with this request again when I do (Because I will forget otherwise)
How do I do that and when will that happen.
While you are on my page, go to the top right and click on "Send a note". I have no idea when I'll be able to get back into SFM, lots of changes in my life right now.
I am interested in a SFM profile image