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brotherhood profile Imagica

This is my OC Imagica for the contest in :iconthebrotherhoodclub:
She´s Rebecca Monroe, known as Imagica, she has 17 years old and is very smart an creative (this is the good side), but she is very very hysterical and her vanity has no limits, she thinks that she's sooo perfect and she is in love of herself XD
Her power consists in that anything she draws can become live, (she need to touch the paper and extract the ink and the draw will become real) always at the same size and color of the paper, create largest pictures spends biggest cantity of power, and sometimes she feels very tired about that.
The draws can be deleted if you trow water in the living draw, (also it will dissapear if you destroy the original draw, you can erase it :P).
Her parents are divorced so, she lives whit her mother and her older sister (20 years old), They have a lot of money and she has anything she wants, someimes, when she wasn't able to obtain something, she acts like a crybaby.

Sorry for my bad english XD
I hope you can understan all the biography haha XD lol

P.D.1 She can draw in any surface (ground, walls, etc..) only matters if she do the drawing, if someone else draws and then she want to make the drawing alive her power wont work. She always carry a marker on her poket, and if you want to change her outfit it's right, she always change clothes XD

story link: [link]


Aqui esta mi OC para el concurso de :iconthebrotherhoodclub:.

Ella es Rebecca Monroe, conocida como Imagica, ella tiene 17 años y es muy lista y creativa (este es el lado bueno), pero ella también es muy, muy histérica y su vanidad no tiene limites, ella piensa que es demasiado perfecta y podría decirse que está enamorada de ella misma XD.
Su poder consiste en que puede darle vida a lo que sea que dibuje (para esto ella necesita tocar el papel y "jalar" la tinta a nuestro "mundo real") siempre el dibujo creado tiene la misma medida y color que el original, crear imágenes más grandes gasta una mayor cantidad de poder y a veces ella puede sentirse exhausta por esto.
Los dibujos vivientes pueden ser borrados si les tiras algo de agua encima (Tambien desapareces si borras el dibujo original).
Sus padres están divorciados, asi que ella vive con su mamá y su hermana mayor (de 20 años), ellas tienen mucho dinero asi que está acostumbrada a tener todo lo que quiere, es por esto que a veces cuando no puede obtener lo que quiere hace rabietas y berrinches.

su historia [link]

Mission costume [link]

Older Beck -- [link]
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Mind if I use Beck in a story for girls night out, I'll make the outfits, but you could request any if you want to. Yes? or No?
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yes it would be nice :)
just add my name in the image description  'k?  :D
:hug: thanks~ :D
I would like to see it finished x3
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okay! and of course i will add your name. I cant come up with a good girl that has abilities like that, she'll be good in the story.
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yay! How are you? :D
Have you make some progress? :)
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not as yet! I'll give you links to the story when it's up. I have a few requests i haven't heard from so when I get answer, but if it takes more than five weeks than i'll start. I'm starting in october!!!
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Total congrats former comrad!
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:glomp: YAY!! Thank you so much :3

Kyaaa! I'm so happy hehe xD
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WHY did I not know about you before? OTL *feels like such a bad contestant* *kinda stopped paying attention after she was out of the OCT*

Her and Curtis would have been such good friends!
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hehehe don't worry about ;D
I understand :3 don't feel bad :hug:
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Is what she's wearing her costume or does she have something else?
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no, se have another battle costume -here it is [link]
:D later I'll submit a pic. with colors
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It's very pretty! Thank you.
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Thanks to you :P
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Does the drawing have to be on paper? Or can it be on the ground too?
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the drawing can be on every place XD
only matters if her draw, if someone else draws and then she tries to make alive the drawing her power wont work
P.D. She always carry a marker or something in her poket
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So she can't make an already made picture come to life?
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Only if she drew that picture in the past
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If she drew a mutant, would the pic have their powers too?
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No, her powers skill is very low to do that :D
But when she improve her powers that would be possible;
at this time only physicall skills (like running, jumping, etc..)
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OH YAY ME LIKES ME LIKES good luck seño~
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danke schon
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