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Secret santa ACOLYTES vs XBOX

Hi!! :D
this is my secret santa for :iconthepast:
she wanted some x-men evo acolytes in their free time so here they are, I hope you like it!!
Gambit is being naughty as always... also I think he would enjoy bullying Pryo, poor thing xDD
Colossus is trying to do something but it isn't working at all :S

all characters belong to Marvel
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Gambits expression is so very him. :) Nice job.
LazuriteStar's avatar
Ya know i always pictured Colossus being the team referee. This is so cool. :)
arger's avatar
hahahaha~ he totally is!! I think it's so like a parental figure~ xD
Jackce-Art's avatar
*o* te quedo awesome, cosuelaaaaaaaa
arger's avatar
graciaaas *A*
fue de mis dibujines favoritosos *A*
eablevins's avatar
Love this! ^__^
superkim111's avatar
Might want to let go of that controller St. John.....
RoseAnDarkholm's avatar
muffinelf's avatar
I love the natural balance of their bodies in this pose :wave: It's so hard to fill a white-spaced backround!
revenge-is-sweet17's avatar
This is awesome! you did a fantastic job
arger's avatar
x3 aww thank you so much! so glad you like it :D
musicsuperspaz's avatar
Fantastic! I LOVE this! Colossus is getting a lot of love in this contest/secret santa art thing. :)
arger's avatar
*u* aww yes~ he needs more shipping haha~
so glad you like it :D
MzGrimz's avatar
Oh man this made my DAY! Very clever! XD
arger's avatar
:D thank you!! so glad you like it x3
MzGrimz's avatar
You're very welcome! :)
ThePast's avatar
I ADORE this! Poor Petey, I'm sure he's been in this situation far too many times, and clearly by his expression, he's sick and tired of it. I love the details on Johnny, especially those shoes! Oh and Remy. Tsk tsk Remy! As pretty as your charge is, that's not a fair way to win the game, hehe. He's fricking gorgeous!
Thank you! :heart: this piece and feel so lucky to get you in the draw :D
arger's avatar
:D yay!! I'm very happy that you liked it~ :) It was very fun to draw those three too! haha~ They should have a lot of funny moments inside the Acolyte-Magneto-bunker-thingie hahaha~
:hug: I hope you had a nice Christmas and a cool new year! :D :hug:
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