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Rescue pg1

for the #TheBrotherhoodclub and the #Evo-Obsessed-Club tournament.

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Rebecca Monroe (C) ~arger
Dru Stillwell (C): *Cold-Creature
Amy Matthews: ~Water-Earth-Fire-Air
Evelyn Rivers (C) ~atemuzuko
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!! Omg! This is looking great!! *cheers* <3
I love Bek's first thoughts- about ugly sentinals XDD And how out-dated everything is! And her expressions! That look great!
Oh wow! I didn't think about including Amy or any of the others! I guess that isn't a rule~ Pff- I wish I'd thought of that! 8D
arger's avatar
hehehe XD I have a lot of fun thinking... "What should Beck be thinking in this situation...?" (sorry if I have tense/grammar mistakes xD hehe...)

:3 her faces are always.. very expressive x3
I can't wait to see your entry :D
Cold-Creature's avatar
Haha~ well it definitely suits her!
(lol, don't worry, it's all good~)

;_; Pff- I know! I'm dying to ink my first page! But i've got one more assignment to do... lol, i'm kinda starting to panic now XD
arger's avatar
no way!! you can do it!! :D
you are in classes? or why are you so busy?

no prob! ;) we have 9 days left
Cold-Creature's avatar
Yeah, uni ends on the 30th- D; One assignment to go- I'm hoping I can finish it very soon... But it's a big one.

Eeek! 9 days! XDD That's not many!!
arger's avatar
Good luck with that assignment!! you can do it!!

RUUUN!! You can finish it in time :3
Randomguy342's avatar
Eeeeeeee first page
arger's avatar
hahaha xD yay!
Dice1317's avatar
I always love Bek's expressions!
arger's avatar
;) she has one expression for every sittuation x3
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
AHHH YOU'VE STARTED! :dance: I'm so excited for this!
arger's avatar
yup xD But I only have... 3 pages hehehehe xD I need to work fast to get this finished in time
arger's avatar
:hug: aww thank you so much!! :D
hehe yay! I can't give up now ;D
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