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Not so young anymore

Seems like the #TheBrotherhoodclub's and #Evo-Obsessed-Club's tourney has ended... and everyone is updating older versions of their Oc's
And well this is Beck again... now she's older and more badass.. xD

She has 22, she start doing soprts (as you can see...) and she has dyed a part of her hair, dark red.
Yay! black feathers earrings! xD

EDIT 27/07/2011:
Oh man! I just noticed that I don't wrote nothing about her powers xD hehehe...~
She draw very fast... in fact she don't need to draw a certain pic to get this "alive" she only need to focus on that pic and the paint will move by itself ;D
Aaaand she learn more about painting techniques and materials for different purposes~ like the Oleums didn't disolve on water, using varnish would preserve her drawings almost forever (unless you use a solvent against them...) in resume... their painted fellas will have the same features as the material she had used to make them alive, and it can be every material in world who has the painting particularity ;D

younger version ;D -- [link]
why she became evil -- [link]
Alternative version -- [link]


More older versions ;D

Curtis (c) ~Wondering-Antagonist --- [link]
Rook (c) ~nekobecki ---[link]
Amy (c) ~Water-Earth-Fire-Air ---[link]
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Love her expression~
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Me encantan los aretes!
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aww gracias! :D recuerdo que hace un tiempo estuvieron de moda TT.TT
los extraño ojalá vuelva a haber aretes de esos para conseguir unos... jejejeje Lion heart quedó geniaal!! me encanta su ropa :love:
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O si? No me acuerdo de eso. Si! Me encantaria unos tambien.

Muchas gracias. :D
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I meant to comment on this the other day, I have no idea why I didn't...

She looks absolutely awesome! I love her outfit! Red looks so good on her! Older Beck is a force to be wary of!

I did Older Nina ^^ [link]
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hahaha xD maybe you were busy...?

Hehe thank you!! :hug: uh yes, I love she wearing red clothes so bad xD hehehe maybe her eyes look brighter...
Beware of the Older Beck! D:
she's in rage! mwahaha!!

Oh Nina! I love her!! xD her hairstyle is so cool that it has not changed so much..!! and her uniform! :D kyaa!! :love:
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waaaah, me encanta!!!
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muchas gracias!! :hug: Beck ha sacado su lado malvado mwahahaha!!! xD

Harás una versión adulta de Muno?? :D tengo mucha curiosidad de saber como sería xD
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Su lado malvado luce genial!! ;)

Oh, la hice ayer! :D No pude resistirme xD
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Jejeje gracias! ;D

aww Munooo!! xD :love: me encanta su nuevo look
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I love older Beck, shes gorgeous!
I should go do older Gunner /: Lol.
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yay! I can't wait to see him in an older version :D
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I honestly have no idea what to do with him! Hah ha.
Gunner what are you doing with your life?
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Hahaha no prob ;)
Maybe he will became more... rude and handsome?? hehehe xD
I dunno
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yay!! batallando con la pose xD
pero quedo lindiii! aunque extrañaré muucho su lado girly y fresoso ;A;
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owww por cosa D:
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so cool you style....
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:hug: thank you so much!
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