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In your dreams Warty

Finally I'm going to see x-men first class with my boyfriend :love:

I just feel in the mood of drawing some x-men evo stuff... OH YEAH! A BROTHERHOOD BOOKMARK!! :D
Isnt it the most awesome bookmark ever!?

:3 I'm starting using textures hehe....
well guys this is a little gift for you :3
If you want to print it and use it as a bookmark (like me) you can do that :hug:

I need a break .... yesterday I spend all my day working in those illustration for the book ... ¬¬
asf asf asf.... I'm exhausted... I need to draw somehing else.... TT.TT

This is also for the 100 theme challenge... 93. Give Up
OMG! I gotta go! :D
see yoooou

x-men evo (c) Marvel
art by me :3
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Lol, Wanda wants as far away from Toad as possible, heehee!
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Wanda be like STAY AWAY
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Love their expressions, exactly Toad and Pietro <3
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Toads all like: just one kiss, please?
And then pietro is all like: no. Don't touch her or I will strip you of your limb you used to touch her.
An Wanda be like NO
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oh poor toad..give the boy a break
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hahaha xD that happens when you fell in love with Wanda XD
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Pietro: No, you know what toad? Not even in your DREAMS will you be able to touch my sister. And if i catch you dreaming about her, i,will kill you.
Toad: What makes you think i dream about her?
Lance: You talk in your sleep, toad.
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hahaha oh Toad! xD that's a serious bussiness xD
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Lol, this is funny! Poor Toad, he'll never get Wanda XD. I love their expressions, especially Lance's bored face. Favouriting now! :D
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hahaha no, never xD
poor Toad :iconforeveraloneplz: haha seems like he will be alone for the rest of his slimy life.

hahaha thank you so much! I'm glad that you liked it :hug:
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x men evolution! good show XD and the movie was so badass! Nice job on the pic!
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:glomp: thank you! I'm glad that you liked it
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:hug: thank you! :D haha xD
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yay!! I lovee~~
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Congratulations! Your entry has been level up to amazing gallery at :iconbestdrawings: keep up the good work! :dance:
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This is so fantastic!!!
:glomp: thank you so much!!
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Totally awesome!
I love their expressions!
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