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I love my dress

Jean and Rogue are in the middle of the Renaissance, and they don't like each other a lot... so to break the ice Jean started to praise her dress... not a good interaction I guess... hahaha
This is for the :iconevo-obsessed-club:'s contest~ :)
Hope you like it guys x3
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Hah! I can absolutely see that not working with Rogue. :)
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I rogue dress and the style. let hope jean be alive till tomorrow
This style of dress suits Rogue, because it covers everything but her face, neck and cleavage - but due to the era they're in, nobody would try anything that might been seen as 'untoward' - especially because Rogue would be the kind of girl to ruin careers and reputations if anyone messed with her. Except Remy. 'Cause we all know he's not the kind to be scared off easily :) I love it, and really hope you do something similar with the rest - or maybe even a continuation? Not expecting anything, but I'll keep hoping :)
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I hate the gender politics they had back then, but MY GOD they knew how to tastefully dress XD

Yum-a-dum-dum , arger! :heart:
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Jean has a crown! It's so cute!
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haha~ thank you~ I think Jean totally fit in those dettailed thingies~ xD
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I like Rogue's dress! :3
revenge-is-sweet17's avatar
Wow this is gorgeous. Well done
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:) tahnk you :hug:
revenge-is-sweet17's avatar
You are very welcome :D
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
I love their dresses!

Rogue's like "Yeah? And yer ruffles make yah look stupid." :giggle:
arger's avatar
Thank youuu!! I tried to do their personalities in their dresses and this is what I do... LOL... Rogue's hatin' Jean since very old times hahaha~
Reogun's avatar
Ooooh! I love the dresses and the colors *3*
Very nice.
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aww thank you!!! :hug:
It took forever to design the dresses haha~ but I think it worth it *A*
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Sweet! I love the effort in their designs!
arger's avatar
thank you! :D
It took forever to research in all the dresses and make one for each girl xD
I tried to immagine their personalities to start designing~ xD
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
Hope you win and this pays off!
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aww thank you! I hope so too!! :3
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