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Argers genetic lab meme blank

By arger
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:D This is my very first original meme
x3 I always loved so much mixing characters... mixing colors and such... genetics and biology in general!! :love:

And I made this for all of you that loves mixing the DNA of your beloved characters to obtain a new one...
Imagination is your limit!

I put two slots for dads and two for moms, but it's not necesary to use all of them you can use 1/1 or 2/1 ... xD

I hope you enjoy it! :hug:

OMG! If you finish this please link back the blank template and send me a note or something, I want to see your filled meme so bad and meet your new characters :glomp:

:iconvisiface:'s meme --- [link] :iconmr-kendalldogsr:'s meme ---[link]
:iconalanialove:'s meme --- [link] :iconrickgetifus:'s meme --- [link]
:iconphitus:'s meme --- [link]
:iconcrowbartk-hullo:'s meme --- [link]

:iconcharanty:'s meme [link]
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Heyy I see you lost the original file, you should take this refurbished 5x5 one I did!
1555524965363 by IluvcreepypastaandDB  
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wiii I will do this :3
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Used! Thank you so much for this meme~! <3
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An OC punnett square!?!?!? Excellent!
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I keep adding new sections to this thing as I think of more characters to throw into a genetic blender, maybe I should try that one that mixes up offspring to make more offspring next :D…
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I did it! Genetic Meme.. thing. by Kach-22
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Ah such a cool meme! Thanks for creating it and here is the first one i created! Genetic Lab Meme - BOA version 1
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Sorry to sound fangirlish/creepy here but... can a male be a "mom"? IT'S ALRIGHT IF NOT!
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You know what? Screw it, I'm doing it anyway. I am making a story with it, so maybe I can come up with something reasonable.
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are there any larger blanks? maybe 4x4 or 6x6? Thanks in advance! :)
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Hi! I think someone edited a bigger file, I think is one of the first coments
let's see... here it is…

I lost the original file, but maybe you can use her template? :p
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i can't quite seem to find a download link on it... any other ideas?
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thansk so much for making this >w< 
since i only have make ocs i used them for the 'moms' as well... :D *slapped for making crack pairings*
genetic lab meme
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hehehe don't worry about, I'm glad you liked it! :D
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