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Stormy Adagio

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A grumpy siren!Adagio~ 
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Do you do requests?
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"Part of your world? I'm not doing your stupid Disney reference!"
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Can I use this as a fanfic cover? I give credit and a link back to here. 
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awesome work XD
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YUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAGIIII!
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This is really nice.
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Look, I'm sorry, Adagio, but I just don't want to argue with other ponies. So I can't feed you any hate or discord.
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We really need more siren form of the Dazzlings! :)
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One of the few drawings of Adagio's real old form. Too few.

BEautiful work
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Too few indeed. And thank you!
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Cutest dragon merpony siren ever.
I like the colours here. Well done.
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This is only the 2nd art I've ever seen of the sirens being sirens
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yes I prefer ones like this. tis why I never draw pony versions of them
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This is pretty cool
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she's so beautiful ;o;
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So beautiful and at the same time so evil she is my new favorite villan
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my new favorite villlain is aria blaze c:
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this that overall villain or just out of the dazzlings
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