Nordanner Breeding And Sale Rules - OUTDATED
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Published: March 3, 2013

THESE ARE OUTDATED AS OF SEPTEMBER 9th, 2013! Please see the new rules:
Breeding and Sale Rules and BlacklistNOTICE: This information and rules are a standard set. Information on horse's official references is more case-by-case.
That being said, if it says you can ask on a reference then you can ask!
also if for some reason I've left your "breeding rules signed" bullet as red and you HAVE signed these, please note/comment on the horse! I'm sometimes forgetful.

So I have decided to make another update on these, as I realize that most of you are like myself and dislike long paragraphs of text to read. Since no new rule is new I will be transferring old "I agree to this statements".
Click Nordanner Breeding And Sale Rules if you'd like to see the old rules.
Basically. I've shortened the rules for you lot. :la:
Breeding Rules:
Breeding images are a requirement on most horses. You can either do a full body, full background image, or an anim

SPECIAL NOTICE: these rules apply to all breeds. Arabians, Royal West Warmbloods, etc

General Understandings
If my slot was to magically disappear from your horse, expect that maybe one of yours might as well. If I owe payment feel free to note me about it. On another note. If I'm not allowed to sell/trade slots on your horses don't be expected to be able to trade or sell slots on my horses. What rules you hold me to I'll expect you to follow as well. It's common sense ;) Finally. I expect to be linked to foals. It helps me track kaaring and the offspring. I don't need a huge 'Oh here is your foal' paragraph, just a simple link works just fine! Also

Basic Rules
  1. If you sell the foal within the first month without notifying me, you might receive a blacklist notice from my stables. I don't mind you selling I'd just like to know before hand. (only restriction being if you got the slot for free for some reason or another. -excluded are stable affiliates- but you may not sell a foal from a free breeding)
  2. Foals must have refs within the time limit. I WILL reclaim my foals. No. You will not be paid back. 
  3. I don't care who designs the foal! Just as long as it gets a design within the time limit I'm fine. If you need me to design note me and we can work a time (maybe) where I can it and get your feedback on it as I design. I want you to enjoy your foal and love the design!
  4. Note me about breedings! Please don't comment. Points. Art. USD. Breeding trades. Anything works!
  5. Fullbody breeding images are required OR Animated headshots. (we can work out another deal in a note if you want to) Slot on Slot trades can be arranged without breedpics. Affiliates don't need breedpics either.
  6. When I say 'kaaring payment' (or credit system payment) I don't care if it's fullbody/headshot/sketch. As long as it works for the kaaring you owe me, I'm fine with it.
Other Things
  1. You can ask me when auction and other sales are taking place. I'll answer you the best I can. (note that some things are spontaneous based on mood so.. yeah..)
  2. I MUST have a slot on a foal out of my horse. (I don't need two if I own both horses). I can NOT be expected to do payment other than a breedpic.
  3. You must tell me if you are selling the foal. I might want to buy it.
  4. Link me to everything! Breeding image, foal design. Foal ref. Adult ref. (I don't require that all foals start as foals. You can start them as adults) I want to track the progress of my foals!
  5. If you are banned from the breed. (like nordanner) I will reclaim offspring. (you may repurpose designs though)
  6. Sire/Dam need to be approved. I don't want a foal being killed due to inbreeding. I'll check lineage as soon as I can.
  7. (for the most part) I don't care what you do with the horse's offspring. (like who you give slots to, how often you draw it, etc.) Just let me know if you breed and sell geno or something similar. There are a few horses I won't allow it. (mainly dom mutations)
Golden Rule Don't be stupid don't be rude! We're all friends here. ^.^

Mutation Nordanner Rules
  1. ALL of the rules and other things mentioned above still apply. These are extra.
  2. Mutated offspring can NOT be resold/moved/given away without special permission. Especially if they are doms.
  3. You MUST ask to breed a dominant. I will blacklist if you don't ask.

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FrozenHeartStablesStudent Digital Artist
i read and agree <3 
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ArgentievetriStudent Digital Artist
Please agree to the new rules linked on this journal ^^
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FrozenHeartStablesStudent Digital Artist
oops XD done <3
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EcanusiofielStudent General Artist
Think I already signed this, but making sure. I agree to all rules.
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KingdomHeartsOrgXII3Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree to all the rules :3
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IsluaHobbyist General Artist
Read and agreed. :)
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EmoAngel99Hobbyist General Artist

Read and Agreed!


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soulswitchHobbyist Digital Artist
Read and agreed :meow:
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Read and agreed!
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Read and Agreed
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Afternoon-AppleCiderHobbyist Digital Artist
Read and Agreed
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ArgentievetriStudent Digital Artist
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GuardianOfJayHobbyist Digital Artist
I think I never agreed to these D:
(Or maybe I did and just can't remember xD)
Well, in case I didn't before


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Lacework-StablesHobbyist General Artist
^^  read and agreed.
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LadieLokiStudent Photographer
I agree
Even if I have no breedings xD
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Read and Agreed. c: 
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sprite-lightHobbyist General Artist
Read and agree :)
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ArgentievetriStudent Digital Artist
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sprite-lightHobbyist General Artist
My pleasure
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ninjastarhateStudent General Artist
Read and agree :3
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How may I become an affiliate now :3
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