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Hey uhm.. is this group still alive?
Hello sweets! Reading the recent comments i realise you probably had an issue with declined artworks last night. I am not exactly sure if what i did was against the rules - i basicly suggested an arwork of one of my friend (lad is way too shy to do it himself, thought he`d need a little push).
Curious to know why my submission was declined last night and absolutely no indication as to why it was declined. 
Was it a banner/Signature? If so I decline them. We accept full artworks but not signatures or banners. If it was not a sig/banner then I am uncertain, I haven't declined or accepted anything in a few days.
Not sure why it was declined I imagine it was one of the other admins who did so if you could link the picture so I can have a look will get back to you as soon as possible.
It was this…

But, I resubmitted it and this time it was accepted. :)