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Rafael Mateus Feliczaki
Artist | Traditional Art
Once I was called a very resolved man, after all I graduated on Physics because I wanted to be an artist.

Some other people calls me a vampire, because of my unusual ways. Some calls me Pablo Picasso because of my mustache (don't ask!). And some calls me an artist, mostly for reasons other than I'd call myself an artist.

My favorite tools of art are inking with paintbrushes and watercolors.

Moreover, I play violin and some other instruments (Physics, violin and arts, I do have a thing for difficult stuff!).


Passagem do Saci por Guarapuava
Passagem do Saci Pererê por Guarapuava no dia do Saci, 31/10, na semana passada.

Depiction of the brazilian mythological figure Saci Pererê in my hometown last week. Saci is a black boy with only one leg, usually wearing a red cap and smoking from a pipe. He is related to pranks, sometimes evil intended, but mostly light hearted and playful. In some stories he rides a tornado, which I am referencing here because we are having very windy days since last week.
Since a few years ago, 31/10 was set as Saci's day as a representation to brazillian folklore, in retaliation to Halloween, which is seen by some as a american import, though very few people knows this.
Alagado (lietrally translated to "flooded") is the river that forms in a valley flooded by the construction of a dam. There are a number of these here in the state of Paraná, Brazil. They are usually surrounded by either a countryside landscape or some native vegetation. People such as myself often go there to fish and enjoy a few days away from de city.

Black ballpen on print paper.
Quando eu desenhei essa tirinha era para ser só uma piada, tipo uma paródia do Tywin do Game of Thrones, mas agora ela parece um triste reflexo da realidade.

Text in the ballons: 1) Sometimes a letter is stronger than the sword. 2) Not all conflicts are solved by violence. 3) But damn! The zombies can't read!

When I drew this comic it was supposed to be just a joke, like a Tywin from Game of Thrones parody, but now it seems a sad reflection of reality.
Ascencao e queda da bancada ciclista
O quadrinho é sobre política mas é só comédia mesmo, não tem nenhuma mensagem ou ideologia nem tem a ver com a eleição eminente. Obviamente não há intenção de ofender os ciclistas também. Porém, para não ficar omisso, #elenão.

This is a comic strip about politics, discretely making fun of some brazilian figures, though without intention to take a political position or side. In style it is heavily influenced by Monty Phyton's sketches (I might post an english translation, but time is tight these days). Altough with the upcoming presidential elections I declare rejection to a certain candidate who menaces democracy and several groups of people. #nothim

Mad Max Raider
A bit of fanart of Mad Max to play with watercolor. I liked working on his facial expression, it seemed quite more relaxed than what I am used to.

Lineart with Tigre sable fur brush nº 2 and nº 4, india ink, watercolor. Renaud paper (180g/m2).
It's that time of the year again, applying exams, writing a journal and enjoying the cold weather.

As a function of everything I've been doing this last year (since my last journal entry), my life has become kind of a huge training session. Almost all of my time is spent training something, even if I'm relaxing, I'm training relaxing.

To keep it short and spontaneous, I'll talk about stuff where I had a clear development, basically in music and kung-fu. In music, I've joined a band (we play mostly brazillian music), and got a few new instruments, as well as doing a jazz music theory course. One of the new instruments is the clarinet, which I'm learning by myself, and since it's my first wind instrument I'm learning almost from zero. The daily progress is sensible though, I can feel (and hear) the sound improving with every practice (the progress is much more clear for me than it was when I first learned the violin, some ten years ago). With music theory and, more recently ear training, my understanding of music as a whole, and how I listen to music has changed a lot. I'm developing the abilty to understand the underlying harmony in music and play along. This ability is something that I've never had before, and I guess most people don't even think about when they listen to music. I want to dedicate some time on a objective musical project soon.

In kung-fu training my development is more like the violin was so many years ago, since I actually started from zero last year. Since kung-fu has so many techniques (much more than any other martial art as far as I'm aware), its easy to get overwhelmed and learn nothing in the beggining. But now, after a bit more than a year of practice, things are getting better, my movements are less sloppy, I understand more clearly the nature of each technique and what and when to use them. There are some movements that I can do now which I would never think about some years ago, like jumping really high, rolling and kicking. I'm practicing with the nunchaku as well. Of course, there is still a long way to go, and I don't plan to stop training anytime ever.

There are still a lot of other things going on, maybe I'll write about them someday.


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