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The Wrong Trousers

By arfur9
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This is my current WIP, modeled in Sketchup and rendered in Thea
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Hah! Excellent - I just rewatched Wallace and Grommit recently (I'm a HUGE Aardman fan) and I have to say you've captured the right look for the Wrong Trousers. I just love that penguin!!

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Great render. Which reminds me i need to find out how you did the SSS box thing :)

Did you ever finish this?

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hi Mark!
I can send you the SSS material if you want? (tiz the Mark from Thea right?)
if I remember right absorption is 100% white, scattering 240,240,240.. the values where .08 and .04 or half the absorption value for scattering, refraction is 1.000, then you just put it on a cube, light sources need to shine through it, you get no effect if the light is inside the cube, sun works better, its lighting fast, it works with unbias IR, but GM is still better if you want in scene lights to effect the medium
the SSS way messes up backgrounds so its only useful if you can't see the skyline for exteriors

hope that helps, I should be back properly this weekend ;)
take care

oh.. no I never finished it, I fecked up the model :s