so it's 2010, that means...

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.. less than 2 years before 2012. i hope i'm still alive by then to see the end of the world... or not. ;)

last movie i watch in 2009 is avatar and it's also the first movie i see in 2010 ( yeah i watch it twice! ) :D

last toy i bought was.. hm let me see.. a transformers figures when i was in STGCC.

last comic book? spawn issue 1 - 100 from the personal collection of one of my friend. and he gave me a free spawn t-shirt too! ;p

last deadline was the darkness #82.

last gadget was a secondhand sony digicam. i bought it from a friend with great price! ha! lucky me, just before the new year eve. :)

last dvd i bought was in the name of the king, a film by uwe boll! i bought it for a gift actually. :D

last game i finished was.... super mario galaxy..  

one word to describe 2009 : tough!

wow this is random. haha..

happy new year everyone!

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nemu dimana filmnya Uwe Boll? belom pernah liat satupun tapi ingin sangaaattt!!!!! :)
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nemu di pim 1, lupa apa nama tokonya. gw jg kaget ternyata ada yg jual dvd ori nya tu film. :D
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heavy nu year bro
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...dasar anak gundam... hepi nu yir jg!
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kalo pake niu jadi minuman lu dong
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hepi nu year broo =D
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samasama bro!! :D
Nekomancerz's avatar
ditunggu kiriman PG 00 nya yah (loh?!?!!?) :p
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