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August 16, 2006
original dragon, by ~arf, is quite remarkable the way the dragon heads are woven into the castle scene. Add to that the fire and you really get a sense of being overwhelmed by the onslaught.
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original dragon

this is the original artwork of the dragon from the dragon novel cover.


OMG i got a DD!! yay!! :boogie:
i guess that explains why i received like a hundred messages all of a sudden. :D
thanks alot for all the comments and crits, they're making me really really really happy! :dance:
and i'm sorry i cant reply all the comments (but i'l try), since this is my first DD and i'm still in shock! OMG! :wow: :faint:
:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

btw, i counted there are 4 person who said that this is more like a hydra than a dragon. what do you think? :confused:

makasih bgt buat ~butosipit :thanks:
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Allow me to attempt to clear up this matter. This is not a Hydra. For starters, it has legs. The Hydra (unless this is the Disney Hercules universe) does not have legs. Some people assume that any Dragon creature with multiple heads is a Hydra, however multi-headed Dragons are not uncommon in legend. Furthermore, a real Hydra has a more serpentine appearance (though this does vary far more than the legs thing). This is all based on how I define these creatures of course, and I tend to hold the Hydra up to the original Greek myth.
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What is the title of the dragon novel?
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This is amazing.
I really like the colors.
Penciltopapertoeaser's avatar
Kind of reminds me of Orochi from the wii game Okami.
Dr490n10v3r's avatar
definitely hydra!
poketard19's avatar
Original dragon? Are we talking the Devil himself? Revelations ?
Hydra-esque dragons are pure badassry, it's a shame they're not very common.

Great work!
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I think it does look like a hydra yes, but the head thats sort of at the back and kind of getting pushed back looks singular.
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Dang, I like how the you illustrate the fire and the dragon/hydra personally , i think its a hydra XD
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If it were a hydra it would have fins and the such not spikes so it's a dragon or well, whatever you think cause it's your piece but it looks really cool!
n1njA-stAr's avatar
Meh.. kinda looks like one, but aren't hydra"s found in water? Then agian I've never seen a dragon with more then 3 heads XD What ever it is it awesome! Really cool peice :D
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"Uh mom the dragons loose again." :D
PossumRoadkill's avatar
Beautiful piece. You have a wonderful style.
TamagoStudio's avatar
A very big great illustration.
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It is hydra-ish, but it is also dragon-ish. And awesome-ish XD
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ahahaa thanks!!
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Lol, you're welcome ^^
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Kewl. I love multi-headed dragons ^_^. Nice Work!!
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